Charge in Convergent Invoicing

light111Charge in FICA Convergent Invoicing

The last post  Discounts in Convergent Invoicing   talks about how to model a discount in FICA convergent invoicing and how this can be applied in CI Billing/Invoicing. 

This blog post tells how to model a charge in convergent invoicing. 

The below is a sample CHARGE [ interface component “Basic data for Discounts/Charge Calculation’ must be enabled for the BIT class ]. The log is switched on.


An absolute charge of 5 EUR  is applied if the BIT quantity of the Billable Item is grater than 10 PC.




The provider contract has the below charge assigned to it.


Usually the BITs are created  in CI via CC[ convergent charging system]. Use Tx- FKKBIXBIT_MON to display the BITs.


Here we have a BIT for the provider contract that is assigned to a CHARGE with quantity 100 PC. So when we BILL this BIT then it must generate the CHARGE BIT of amount 5 EUR. Let’s bill it.


Once the CI billing document – 1000020507 is created , it generated another BIT set for the charge. Let’s bill the charge BIT.


Bill the charge BIT.


Another  CI billing document – 1000020508 with amount 5 EUR is created. Click on the CI billing document – 1000020507 link to see the details of it.


Press the LOG button to see the log.


Log details:





  1. Hi Siva,
    As per my understand , for two billing documents ,one single invoice 495 eur will create right ?,and in invoice print can we see the discount amount and base amounts and total ..etc



    1. Yes, for multiple billing documents of the same business partner, a single invoice can be created. In the invoice print, the invoice print program decides what to display on the invoice print. Of course it is possible to display discount amt, total amt. etc.


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