Design Pattern Basics

In Software Design- Design Patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems. The word “pattern” means if similar kind of problem occurs across multiple applications/in different situations, then this problem can be solved in a standard way. Each Design Pattern concentrates on a particular aspect of the problem.

Each Pattern consists of the following-

  • The pattern name
  • The Problem & Conditions to which it may be applied
  • The Solution
  • The Consequences

According to the uses and purposes Design Patterns are categorized into 3 areas.

  • Creational Design Pattern- Handles the class object creation process or class instantiation
  • Behavioral Design Pattern- Focuses on the object behavior and responsibility
  • Structural Design Pattern- Focuses on the structure of different objects
Creational PatternsBehavioral PatternsStructural Patterns
SingletonChain of ResponsibilityAdapter(Object/Class)
Simple FactoryCommandBridge
Factory MethodInterpreterComposite
Abstract FactoryIteratorDecorator

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