CDS Composition

The relationship between two objects is termed as Association. In particular when one object owns another object, then that association is called as Composition, but when one object uses another object then that association is called as Aggregation. Sales Order Header and Items are associated. So when SO header is deleted then SO items are

CDS Models

With evolution of ABAP Programming Model, now merely every application start with the CDS Modelling on the persistent layer. CDS(Core Data Services) model provides various models that can be used in different use cases. Here are below few of them- Views are the old CDS views having a CDS entity and SQL view associated with

Class of an Object Instance

By applying the IS INSTANCE OF statement on an given object reference, it is possible to know the exact instance of a class or it’s subclass. This is quite helpful in many cases and now there is one more but yes a more easy of doing this is by using the TYPE OF construct with