Internal Table with Group By(Part2)

The post Internal Table with Group By(Part1) was an introduction to how to use the Group By Clause when doing some group operation in internal table. Group By addition in internal table is an alternative to the group processing AT New … in LOOP processing. With Group By addition – it performs two things. 1.…

What is an API ?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, it is a set of commands, functions, protocols and objects that developers can use to integrate application, software or interact with external system. Terms that you’ll hear while working with APIs: Endpoint, Path, Parameters and Authentication. Endpoint: API that interacts with external system will have an endpoint. Endpoint is…

Exposing service / REST APIs from SAP – 2

While working in Real time, we may have to expose N numbers of APIs from SAP and it is not a good practice to create a node in SICF for each requirement. To make it dynamic, we can add identifiers in the API / URL. In SAP, we’ll be creating a Table (Z table, e.g:…