Virtual Data Model

VDM (Virtual Data Model) forms the basis of data access in S4 HANA APIs and Analytical Applications which is represented by the CDS views. The CDS views expose the data stored in the DB tables in a format of business semantics which therefore is easy to consume. VDM Layers and View Types- In VDM, the…

SAP BTP Intro!

SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) is a PaaS Cloud Computing service offering from SAP. It is the technological foundation for all SAP applications & the intelligent enterprise. Cloud Computing is to store, access and manage data on remote servers instead of local server. The remote servers are hosted on the cloud(internet). The cloud computing services…

Singleton Design Pattern

Intro- Singleton design pattern is one of the creational design pattern which ensures that the class has only one instance and provides global point of access to this object/instance. It solves mainly two problems- Usually when we want to create an object/instance of a class, then we can use Create Object / New operator to…