Retrieve IDoc details from Transaction ID (TID)

While working with third party systems that push EDIs/IDocs to SAP, they ask if SAP received particular TID (Transaction ID). TIDs can be found in Table: EDIDS Pass TID provided by Third party and Execute If entry exists, means SAP has received the data and IDoc is created. Further you can check IDoc status and

JMeter, IDoc, XML & SAP

It can be useful for load testing / Performance testing in scenarios where we have to create multiple IDocs for test. API’s can also be tested through JMeter. JMeter can be downloaded from here. Open JMeter → Right click on Test Plan → Add → Threads(Users) → Thread Group Enter the thread name → Continue

Post IDoc through Postman – Easy way to test Inbound IDoc

While testing Inbound IDoc, sometimes we have to test with different values of different segments. In WE19, we have to navigate to different segments to change the values. We can do this through Postman, and can change the values of different segments in one go. Pick any successful IDoc with status 53 and get their