Key as Segment in V4 oData RAP

In Odata usually the entity can be accessed by providing the KeyValue in canonical form. But now in RAP V4 oData services, the entity can be accessed by appending a segment containing the unquoted keyvalue to the URL. Single Key- /service/Employees(‘A1245’) =>New Way : /service/Employees/A1245 MultiPart Key /service/OrderItems(OrderID=1,ItemNo=2) =>NewWay: /service/OrderItems/1/2 The below is a V4

Converting UUID to hyphened UUID

While working with oData and testing around these, then found that the gateway client receives the UUID in a slightly different format(Hyphened format) than the UUID are stored in the table. UUID Raw format- 0050563C56401D36A348F362444845FC UUID Hyphened format- 0050563c-5640-1d36-a348-f362444845fc The test tool may be gateway client/postman need the Hyphened format. The class- CL_SOAP_WSRBM_HELPER provides utility

Access Control Management

This post helps in understanding how to evaluate if the DCL associated with the CDS view is working properly or not by running the simulation check on the DCL. Below CDS view with authorization check set as #CHEKC and currently there is no DCL created for the CDS view. The message- The CDS view data