Post IDoc through Postman – Easy way to test Inbound IDoc

While testing Inbound IDoc, sometimes we have to test with different values of different segments. In WE19, we have to navigate to different segments to change the values. We can do this through Postman, and can change the values of different segments in one go.

Pick any successful IDoc with status 53 and get their XML. Click here for program to get XML from IDoc.

Select ‘POST’ from dropdown → Enter the URL (you can get it from Basis) → Navigate to Authorization → Basis Auth → Enter your system ID and Password

Click on ‘Body’ → select ‘raw’ → XML → Copy the displayed XML and paste it here in body → click on Beautify

Remove extra ‘-‘ from payload

Remove all EDI_DS40 segments as it contains copied IDoc information, which is not required.

In each run, unique value needs to be passed in DOCNUM

In current scenario, I am creating order, so unique PO needs to be passed in each call

Then click on Send

We got the response 200 OK, Idoc is created in the system.

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