SAP Number Range Object List

light111SAP Number Range Object List

Object name Long text Short text
ABADR Derivation of characteristics: Table numbers Char. derivation
ABADRINTID Derivation Internal ID Deivation Int. ID
ACAC_OBJ Number of an Accrual Object in Manual Accruals ManAccs Objct Number
ACCR_BELNR Accruals Master Document Number Accrual Master No.
ACCR_DOCNR Document Number of Accrual/Deferral Master Data Acr./Def. Doc.
ACE Numbers for Unique References of FI/CO Documents to ACE Docs AWREF Accrual Engine
ACEAPPLLOG Unique Number for Application Log No. for Applictn Log
ACEPSDOCNR Document Numbers for Accrual Engine Documents Doc Numbers for ACE
ACEPSRNTST Unique ID of a Posting Run (Test Run) Run ID of Postng Run
ACEPSRUNID Unique ID of a Posting Run Run ID of Postng Run
AD01DLINR Dynamic item number DI number
ADDITIONAL Number range for additional No. range for addnl
ADFSH01 Flight Scheduling: Sequence Number Flgt. Schd.: Seq. Nr
ADJNR No. range obj. for Adjustment document numbering ADJNR
ADRCITY Postal Cities (Regional Structure) Cities
ADRNR Business Address Services:Address Numbers and Person Numbers Address Management
ADRPSTCODE Postal Codes (Regional Structure) Postal Codes
ADRSTREET Postal Streets (Regional Structure) Streets
ADRV Address Where-Used List (Business Address Services) References (BAS)
ADRVP Person Where-Used List (Business Address Services) References (BAS)
AECONFKEY Number key for identical object in ECM Identical object
AEI_EXP Number object for Unique no. generation for AEI Exports Internal Sequence No
AENDBELEG Number Ranges for Change Documents Change documents
AENNR Change Master Record Number Range Maintenance Change Master Record
AFFW_NR Number for incorr. materials movements (retrograde withdr.) incorr. mat. withdr.
AFX_ACT Archiving Activity Log Activity log
ALAUTOUID Autom. Generated UIDs for CCMS Data Supplier (FunctGrp SALI) Automatic UID
ALE_CP Change pointer Change pointer
ALM_DLNUMB ALM: Number Range for Detailed Log ALM: Detailed Log
AL_UIDAUTO Autom. Generated UIDs for CCMS Data Supplier (FunctGrp SALI) Automatic UID
ANLAGENNR Asset Number Ranges Asset Number
APPL_LOG Application log (use: see domain BALOGNR) Application log
ARCHIVEDOC Archiving document key Archive document
ARCHIVELNK SAP ArchiveLink Number range ArchiveLink No. rnge
AUFTEILER Number range allocation table Allocation table
AUFTEILREG Number range, allocation rule Allocation rule
AUFTRAG Order Number Ranges Order
AUF_PLAN Number range for order procedures Plan number – order
AUF_RUECK Number ranges – complete confirmation number NR-confirmation no.
AUTO_SUEDG Outbound Delivery Groups OutboundDeliveryGrps
BANF Number Ranges for Purchase Requisitions Purchase requisition
BANKRCPT Bank Receipt Serial Number Bank Receipt Serial
BANK_FLOW Number of a Net of Processes No. Process Net
BANK_RUNNR Number of the Mass Run Log Mass Run Log No.
BATCH_CLT Client-level batch number Client batch number
BATCH_MAT Matl-Number-Dependent Batch Number Assgnmt Via Customer Exit Batch Number Assgnmt
BBP_SRV Services EBP: Services
BBQMSTABST Number Range for QM Stability Study Module Stability Study Mod.
BCA_CONT Loan Account Number Loan Acc No
BCA_US_CD BCA Time deposit certificate number BCA Time dep. CD no.
BCA_US_MNO Memo item number Memo item number
BCA_US_MPI Memo record payment item Memo rec paym item
BCA_US_MPO Memo record payment order Memo rec paym order
BCONTACT Business Partner Contact BP Contact
BEZIEHUNG Number range – relationship maintenance NR – rel.ship maint.
BE_ECLIST Belgium EC  Sales Belgium EC  Sales
BE_FOTV Belgium VAT Declaration Belgium VAT Decl.
BE_SNDR_93 Seql Numbers for BE WHT File With Sender Detail Fiche 28193 Seql No Fiche 28193
BE_WT Sequential No. range Sequential No
BE_WT_93 Sequential No. range for Fiche 28193 Seql No for Fiche 9
BE_WT_SNDR Sequential Numbers for BE WHT File With Sender Detail Sequential No
BGMK_NR Master warranty number range Master warranty
BIC1NMK001 Number range for dimension BIC1DMK001 Number BIC1DMK001
BIH9999953 Hierarchy SIDs Characteristic 0HALFYEAR1 Hierarchy SIDs Chara
BIH9999955 Hierarchy SIDs Characteristic 0CALMONTH2 Hierarchy SIDs Chara
BIH9999957 Hierarchy SIDs Characteristic 0DATE Hierarchy SIDs Chara
BIH9999966 Hierarchy SIDs Characteristic 0FISCPER Hierarchy SIDs Chara
BIH9999971 Hierarchy SIDs Characteristic 0CALMONTH Hierarchy SIDs Chara
BIH9999973 Hierarchy SIDs Characteristic 0INFOPROV Hierarchy SIDs Chara
BIH9999974 Hierarchy SIDs Characteristic 0BUCKET Hierarchy SIDs Chara
BIH9999991 Hierarchy SIDs Characteristic 0IOBJNM Hierarchy SIDs Chara
BIM9999963 SIDs Characteristic 0LOGSYS SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999973 SIDs Characteristic 0INFOPROV SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999974 SIDs Characteristic 0BUCKET SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999975 SIDs Characteristic 0SIGNCH SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999976 SIDs Characteristic 0NORESTNODE SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999977 SIDs Characteristic 0NODEPOSIT SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999978 SIDs Characteristic 0ALEAFNODSP SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999979 SIDs Characteristic 0ALEAFNODCH SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999980 SIDs Characteristic 0RECORDMODE SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999984 SIDs Characteristic 0BCTCOMP SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999985 SIDs Characteristic 0TXTSH SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999986 SIDs Characteristic 0TXTMD SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999987 SIDs Characteristic 0TXTLG SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999988 SIDs Characteristic 0RATE_TYPE SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999989 SIDs Characteristic 0SOURSYSTEM SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999990 SIDs Characteristic 0HIER_NODE SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999991 SIDs Characteristic 0IOBJNM SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999992 SIDs Characteristic 0HIENM SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999993 SIDs Characteristic 0HIER_VERS SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999994 SIDs Characteristic 0HIER_HIEID SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999995 SIDs Characteristic 0LANGU SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999996 SIDs Characteristic 0UNIT SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999997 SIDs Characteristic 0CURRENCY SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999998 SIDs Characteristic 0REQUID SIDs Characteristic
BIM9999999 SIDs Characteristic 0FISCVARNT SIDs Characteristic
BIMREQUID SIFs for request ID SIFs for request ID
BIMT006 SIDs for units SIDs for units
BIMT009 SIDs for fiscal year variants SIDs for fisc.Yr.Va.
BIMTCURC SIDs for currencies SIDs for currencies
BI_CS Communication structure Business Information Warehouse Communication struc.
BI_MSTYPE Message types mastData delta Business Information Warehouse Message types BW
BI_TS Transfer structure Business Information Warehouse Transfer structure
BI_TSDOMA Domains for the transfer structure (generated) TS domains
BI_TSDTEL Data elements for the transfer structure (generation) TS data elements
BKKIT_TMP planned Item planned Item
BKKPO_TMP Planned Payment Order Planned Payt Order
BKK_ACCNT Open item account Open item account
BKK_ACC_EX Number Range Object for External Account Number External Account No.
BKK_BSPPNR Balance Sheet Preperation Package Number BSP Package Number
BKK_CASHB Internal Position Number Internal Pos. No.
BKK_COND_I Individual Condition Individual Condition
BKK_COND_S Standard condition Standard condition
BKK_FIKEY Reconciliation Key (FI Key) Reconciliation Key
BKK_HYRAR Hierarchy Numbers Hierarchy Numbers
BKK_ITEM Payment Item Payment Item
BKK_NOITEM non-BCA items for G/L postings individual statement non-BCA postings
BKK_PAORN Payment Order Number Payment Order No.
BKK_PYNOT Purpose Purpose
BKK_STACK Check Stack Number Stack Number
BKK_STOCK Entry in Position Table Position Entry
BMA_OBJ BOR Migration: Affected Objects BOR Migration
BONUS Number range for rebate agreements Rebate agreements
BONUSABRLF No. range f. settlement runs, subseq. settlement, Purchasing Settlement run
BOSREPVAR Report Variants for Preparing and Indexing BOS Objects BOS Report Variants
BP_BELEG Number Ranges – Cost Planning and Budgeting Planning/budgeting
BP_BPDK Entry Document Budget/Planning Budget Entry
BP_BPTX Long text for budget (totals record) Budget text
BP_PADRNR Temporary address no. for planned change address documents Planned address no.
BP_PARTNR Business partners Business partners
BRO_CONTH Container Identification Container ID
BRO_STMH Identification for Broker Reports Broker Report ID
BUBAS_OBJ Object numbers for budgeting & availability control Object numbers
BUED_DOCNR FM entry document number FM entry doc. nr.
BUED_DOFAM Number range for the budgeting document family Nber range of DOCFAM
BULI_DOCNR FM budgeting line item number FM line item number
BU_PARTNER SAP Business Partner Business partner
BU_PCHNGNR Central business partner: Number for planned changes CBP change number
BU_RELNR Business partner relationships BP relationships
CACSFFLHD Fulfillment Level Headers Fulf.Lvl Headers
CACSFFLIT Fulfillment Level Items Fulf.Lvl Items
CACSOAPIID FOA: Assignment Process FOA: Proc.Instance
CACSOAWLID FOA: Worklist FOA: Worklist
CACSPSSPLT Distribution Ratio ID for Partnerships Distrib.Ratio ID
CACSRULCHA Rule Characteristics in Context of Standard Contract Rule Charas STDCTR
CACS_BDL Remuneration Line Bundle RemunLine Bundle
CACS_BUCAG Agreement Bundle for Commission Contract (Perf.-Rel. Remun.) Agreement Bundle
CACS_BUCMI Commission: Performance-Related Remunerations (Migration) Agreement Bundle
CACS_CASE Commissions: Internal System Number for Commission Case Commns: Case Number
CACS_CTRTB Commission Contract Commission Contract
CACS_CTRTI Commission Contract Commission Contract
CACS_CTRTS Standard Commission Contract Std Commn Contract
CACS_DOC Commissions: Docment Number Commns: Document No.
CACS_EDT EDT Input Numbers EDT Input Numbers
CACS_MAP Pool Number for Copy Services Pool Number
CACS_OBJ Commissions: Internal System Number of Triggering Object Commns: Int. Obj. ID
CACS_PAY Commissions: Reference Number for Payment System Commn: Ref. Pay. Sys
CACS_RCP Internal System Number of RCP Worklist Comn: RCP
CACS_SEGAG Agreement Number for Segment Assignment Segment Assignment
CACS_SES Internal System Numbers for Settlement Schedule Comm: SttSchedule
CACS_STMT Commissions: Settlement Run Commn: Sett. Run
CACS_VAR Variant Number for Variants Imported From EDT Files Variant Number
CAJO_DOC2 Document Numbers for Cash Journal Documents Cash Jour.Doc.Numbs
CAJO_DOC3 Cash Document Group Cash Document Group
CAS_ADRLIS Address lists for CAS Add. lists for CAS
CATDO CATT Test Data Memory CATT test data
CATS Time Sheet: Document Number Time Recording
CATS_CLNT CATS notebook: Client ID CATS nb: Client ID
CATS_EXKEY External CATS Key External CATS Key
CATS_EXTNO CATS notebook: External Doc. No. for R/3 CATS notebook:Doc.No
CATS_INTRN Time Sheet: Internal Key Internal Counter
CATS_XTEND Internal Key for a Complex Activity on One Day Task Counter
CATT Computer Aided Test Tool: Number Assignment For Test Runs CATT Test Runs
CATT APLAT CATT Work Center Number Range CATT Work Ctr No Rng
CATT KST CATT Cost Center Number Range CATT Cost Ctr No Rng
CATT PROJ CATT Project Number Range CATT Project No. Rng
CATT_NK04 CATT internal number range of length 4 CATT int. NR Lg. 4
CATT_NK06 CATT internal number range of length 6 CATT int. NR Lg. 6
CATT_NK08 CATT internal number range of length 8 CATT int.range Lg. 8
CBIHN_FAID EHS: Number Range Object for Injury/Illness Log Key Inj./illn. log key
CBIHN_IAID EHS: Number Range Object for Incident/Accident Log Key Inc./acc. log key
CBIHN_MJID EHS: Number Range Object for Measurement Job Key Meas. Job Key
CBIHN_MPID EHS: Number Range Object for Measurement Project Key Meas. Project Key
CBIHN_PRID EHS: Number Range Object for Accident Notification Key Accident Notif. Key
CBIHN_QSID EHS: Number Range Object for Specific Questionnaire Key Questionnaire key
CBIHN_WAID EHS: Number Range Object for Work Area Key Work Area Key
CCMCALLBCK Call management callback ID Callback ID
CCMIOCNR CCM Information Object Instance CCM Info Object Inst
CCMLOGD Log detail range for logging sequence number and record no. Log detail range
CCMSESSION CCM Logging Session CCM Logging Session
CERTIFY Continuous numbering of certificates (Chile) Certificates
CE_DESIGN Internal number assignment for interface design Internal design no.
CF_DOC Fiscal Year Change Document PSM-FM FYC Document
CF_LOT Lot Number for Fiscal Year Change Documents PSM-FM Lot Number
CHCL Conversion Number for Batch Class Conversion Number
CHGCOMPS Reservation numbers for change components (OCM) Reservation numbers
CHGSEQOPRS Task list numbers for change sequences and -operations (OCM) Task list numbers
CH_ESR_BNR Payment order w. reference no. – Document number PO w. DocNo
CIAP ACC Number range for CIAP Accounting CIAP ACC NR
CIAP_QUONR Number Range for CIAP Quotas CIAP Quotas
CIF_LOAD Unique Number Assignment for Initial Transfer Runs APO CIF Initial Load
CKCMV Costing Model Valuations (Charact.values of Characteristics) Cost.Model Valuation
CKMLDUVACT Creation Document for Distribution of Activity Differences Creation Doc. DUV
CKML_RUN1 Costing Run in Material Ledger ML costing run
CK_MLVNR Material ledger operation number Operation number
CMAC_FAID Aid / Grant Doucument Aid / Grant Doc.
CMAC_FEEC Number Range for Fee Calculation Documents Fee Calc. Document
CMAPPRELID Number Range for Appraisal Element Appraisal ID
CMAPPRID Number Range for Appraisal Appraisal ID
CMF_PROTOK Log for the error messages collected CMFE MSG Log
CMIG_NUM Allocation of Keys for Migration Tables Number Mig. Tables
CMM_PEV_AD PEV: Accrual Document CMM_PEV_AD
CMS_ASSET Identifier for  Assets in CMS CMS Asset ID
CMS_CAGMT Identifier for Collateral Agreements in CMS CMS CAG ID
CMS_CHG ChargeID for CMS_CHG ChargeId
CMS_MESSAG Key Mapping Messages (Currently for Loans) Key Mapping Message
CMS_MOV Number Range Object Number Range Object
CMS_QUE_NO qRFC aueue name generator QUE NAME GENERATOR
CMS_RBL Receivable ID Receivable ID
CMS_RE Number range for CMS-Real estate Add-On CMS-RE Object ID
CMS_RE_OBJ Number range for Real Estate Real Estate ID
CMS_SEC Number range for CMS securities account id CMS Securities
CNREFVBELN China Golden Tax Interface Number Range GTI Number Range
CNTM01 Internal identification of date groups Monitoring dates PS
COAS_OIDPA Object ID in PAOBJNR Interval Object IDs
COCB_CRID Control recipe ID number range Control recipe ID
COCB_MSID Process message ID number range Proc. message ID
COCB_TXTID Message text references (TDNAME) number range Message text ref.
COKEY Internal number for encoding CO attributes Sub-number COKEY
COKEY2 Internal No. Coding Public Sector Characteristics CO-HRKFT Subno. COKEY EA-PS
COMATTRTAB Names for Attribute Tables Attribute Tables
COMATTR_ID Number Range for Generated Attribute Names Gen. Attribute Names
COMMAND_NR Command Number Command Number
COMNSETTMP Sequence for Creating Set-Type Template Information Set-Type Templ. Info
COMPNUM Identifier for comparison result Comparison result
COMSETTYPE Number Range for Generating Set Type IDs SetType ID Generated
COMWTYID Number Ranges for Product (Product Type Garanty) Product Type Garanty
COM_CLEAR Data Cleansing Tool Data Cleansing
COM_SET_NR Generating Unique Numbers for Event Controller Set Type Cust.Maint.
COM_SE_CP SES: Change Pointers for Business Objects Obj. Change Pointers
COM_SE_CP2 SES: Change Pointers for Relations Rel. Change Pointers
CONTR_ITEM Number range for Contract NR for Contract
COPA_ALE Summarization document (distributed profitability acctng) Summarization doc.
COPA_IST Nummer ranges for actual line items in profitability analys. Actual line items
COPA_NC Number range for change runs/requests Realignments
COPA_OBJ Number range for object numbers (CO-PA) Object numbers
COPA_OBJPA Object Identification Object ID
COPA_PLAN Number ranges for plan line items in profitability analysis Plan line item
COPA_PSL cPA: Nummer ranges for actual line items cPA: Line Items act.
COPA_PSLP cPA: Nummer ranges for plan line items cPA: Line Items Plan
COPA_REVAL Number range for time-dependent revaluation keys Revaluation Keys
COPA_TR Summarization Levels (no longer used) Summarization Levels
COPA_TRPR Access Log for Summarization Levels Access Log
COPCA-EXTR EC-PCA: Extract ID for Use in the Schedule Manager EC-PCA: Extract ID
COPCA-PHNR CO-PCA: Machine-Allocated Set Names and Prefix ‘8B’ CO-PCA: Set Names
COPCA-SCMO EC-PCA: ID for a Transfer Run in the Schedule Manager EC-PCA: Schedman Mon
COPCA_OBJ Profit center: RW interface Profit center
COPC_ACCT Cash Account Cash Account
COVAB Internal number for describing an area of responsibility Numbers COVAB
CO_ABRECHN Number range for settlement documents CO objects CO object Settlement
CO_GROUP Number range for group of function markers Funct. mark. group
CO_RCL_DOC Reconciliation ledger document number range Rec. ledger document
CRD_AS_ID Credential Assignment CredentialAssignment
CRM_EIFDBK EI search feedback ID search feedback ID
CR_ARBPL CIM Work center CIM Work center
CR_HIERAR CIM hierarchy CIM hierarchy
CR_KAPA CIM Capacity CIM Capacity
CSCR_KEYN Determine key number for flexible detail display Key number
CUOB_KNNR Int. number range for linking object – object dependency NR Obj./relationship
CUVT Internal number for the name of a variant table Variant table
CU_INOB Assignment of internal number to an object Internal object no.
CVD_DDBID EHS: Number range object for report shipping order bundle Ship. order bundle
CVD_DDOID DDS: No.rng.object for initial shipping orders Initial ship. orders
CVD_DDPID EHS: Number range object for report shipping order packages Ship. order packages
CVD_EVENT EHS: Number range object for events Event key
CVD_EXPORT EHS: Number Range Object for Report Export File Name File Name for Export
CVD_JOBID EHS: Number range object for processing cycles Processing cycles
CVD_LOGID EHS: Number range object for report shipping orders Report ship. orders
CVD_PARID EHS: Number range object for parameter value table Parameter values
CVD_RECN EHS: Number range object for reports Report ship. orders
CVI_DDIID Number range for initial order ID Initial order ID
CVI_DDOID Number range for distr. order ID Distr. order ID
CVI_DDPID Number range: distribution order package ID DDS: DDP ID
CVI_ENTRY DDS: number of entry in table DRZA No. of entry
CVI_FILE Number range: copy of original files File Name
CVI_LOGID Number range: partial order ID Partial order ID
CVI_RELAT Number range: recipient lists Recipient list ID
DARLSICH Loan Collateral Loan Collateral
DATLDLOGID MDG Data Load Log External ID MDG Data Load Log ID
DCFL_SO_ID DCFL: Number range for sales orders (internal) DCFL_SO_ID
DD_PONUM Number Range for Payment orders in Outgoing Payment file Pmnt Order No. Range
DD_TRNUM Transmission Number Range for Outgoing Payment files Trnsmsn Number Range
DEBITOR Customer Number Ranges Customer
DECKRING Number Ranges: Cover Pool Cover Pool
DELCONHD01 DELCONHD: Unique Key for Delivery Confirmation Header DELCONHD: Header DC
DELIVERY Number range maintenance –  ALE distribution packet currently unused
DG_ACTN OBSOLETE: Current no. of change status for DG master data No. change record
DG_RECN OBSOLETE: Current no. of entity in DG master data No. data record
DI_JOBID Direct input job ID Direct input job ID
DNO_NOTIF Number Range for Basic Notification Basic Notification
DOI Division of Interest DOI
DOKUMENT Number ranges for document administration Document
DOK_VAULT Document administration vault file name Vault file name
DOWNTIME Number range for downtime Downtime
DRVNO Number that identifies the log file entries for a derivation Derivation number
DSPACKAGE ALE-Verteilungspaket ALE-Verteilungspaket
EAML_EVTID Number Range for Network Attribute record IDs Netw Attr Record IDs
EANGEWICH5 Define Number Ranges for Perishables EANs (5-Figure) Weight EAN (5-Fig.)
EANGEWICHT Number Range for Weight EANs Weight EAN
EBPP_EVENT Number of Event in Log Log Number
ECMINTERN ECM internal ECM internal
EDGNO Number range for branch of object dependency tree Branch: obj. depndcy
EDIARCHIV Archive Number Archive Number
EDIDOC Number range for intermediate document EDI no.
EDIDOCTYP Autom. generation of IDOC type names/segment version IDOC types/versions
EDIMAILBAG IDoc: Mailbag number for IDoc exchange with R/2 System IDoc: Mailbag number
EDIPORT Numbers to represent generated port names generated port names
EDOC_CL033 eDocument Chile: Electronic Invoice Reference Number eDoc. Chile DTE 33
EDOC_CL034 eDocument Chile: Electronic Tax Exempt Inv. Reference eDoc. Chile DTE 34
EDOC_CL039 eDocument Chile: Boleta Electrónica Reference Number eDoc. Chile DTE 39
EDOC_CL041 eDocument Chile: Boleta Electronica Exenta Reference eDoc. Chile DTE 41
EDOC_CL043 eDocument Chile: Electr. Paym. Detail Inv. Reference eDoc. Chile DTE 43
EDOC_CL046 eDocument Chile: Electronic Purchase Inv. Reference eDoc. Chile DTE 46
EDOC_CL052 eDocument Chile: Waybill Reference Number eDoc. Chile DTE 52
EDOC_CL056 eDocument Chile: Electronic Debit Note Reference eDoc. Chile DTE 56
EDOC_CL061 eDocument Chile: Electronic Credit Note Reference eDoc. Chile DTE 61
EDOC_CL110 eDocument Chile: Export Invoice Reference Number eDoc. Chile DTE 110
EDOC_CL111 eDocument Chile: Electronic Invoice Export Debit Note eDoc. Chile DTE 111
EDOC_CL112 eDocument Chile: Export Credit Note Reference Number eDoc. Chile DTE 112
EDOC_CLENV eDocument Chile: Envio Sending code Number eDoc Chile Envio
EDOC_CLRES eDocument Chile: Incoming Respuesta Identificador eDoc Chile Respuesta
EDOC_CO eDocument Colombia: Invoice Number eDocument Colombia
EDOC_MX eDocument Mexico: Reference Number eDocument Mexico
EDOC_MXINV eDocument Mexico: Invoice Reference Number eDocument Mexico
EDOC_PERU eDocument Peru: Reference Number eDocument Peru
EDOC_SVN eDocument Slovenia : Reference Number eDocument  Slovenia
EDOC_TR_NG eDocument Turkey eDocument Turkey
EDOITPROGR eDocument Italy: Progressive Number in numeric format Progressive Number
EF_GROUPNB Number Range Interval for Groupings (Earmarked Funds) Grouping Number
EHQMN_CODE EH&S-QM: Create Codes EH&S-QM: Codes
EHQMN_GRP EH&S-QM: Create Code Groups EH&S-QM: Code Groups
EHQMN_SLST EH&S-QM: Create Selected Sets EH&S-QM: Sel. Sets
EHSB_RC_AL Number for Application Log ID (External Identification) No.for Appl.Log ID
EHS_EXA_CO EHS: Identification No. of Examinations in Occup. Health EHS: Examination ID
EHS_NEWPER New Personnel Number for HR Pers. No/ BP No./ Applicant No. New personnel number
EHS_QS_ID Internal Identification for Questionnaire Questionnaire number
EHS_RECN EHS: No. Range Obj. for Assigning Record Nos in Occup.Health Record Number
EHS_SRV_NB Number of Medical Service Service Number
EHS_SRV_NU Number of Medical Service Service Number
EHS_VAC_ID EHS: Identification No. of Vaccination in Occupat. Health EHS: Vaccination ID
EINKBELEG Number Ranges for Purchasing Documents Purchasing document
EINVNO Serial No. for response file Serial No
EMMA_CASE Clarification Case of Message Monitoring Clarification Case
EMMA_RUNID Internal Job Number Job
EQUIP_NR Internal numbers for equipment Equipment number
ERS_IT Number range object for IT ERS, year based. Official Number IT
ESN_ACTN EHS: Number range object for the change status counter Change status count.
ESN_ADDID EH&S: Number range object for grouping ADD entries ADD object counter
ESN_DOCNO EH&S: Number range objekt for WWI documents in DVS WWI document number
ESN_IMPEXP EHS: No.Rng.Obj for parameter transfer during import/export Import/export key
ESN_OHORD EHS: Number range object table ESTOH WWI job numbers WWI job number
ESN_PHRID EHS: Number range object for system-assigned phrase keys Phrase keys
ESN_RCNGRP EHS: Unique Key of a Group Management Object Internal Object Key
ESN_RECN EHS: Number range object for assigning record numbers Record numbers
ESN_SESSID EHS: Unique Key for a Terminal Session Session ID
ESN_SUBID EHS: Number Range Object for System-Assigned Spec. Keys Substance keys
ESN_WWIACL EH&S: Archive Link ID for Temporary Original Files Archive Link ID
ESN_WWIDOC EHS: Document numbers of WWI documents in DVS WWI document number
ESN_WWIORD EHS: Number range object WWI report templates WWI report templates
ETP_TASKNR Easy Task Planning: Task Number Task Number
ETXDC_NR External tax document number Ext. tax doc. number
EUROPARTNR Number Range for International Article Numbers (EANs) Intl Article Numbers
EWAEL_COTM Compost Pile Treatment (Measure Temperature) Piles (Temperature)
EWAEL_SMPL View control View control
EWAEL_WDPP Procedure Within Facility Proc.Within Facility
EWAEL_WDPT Number of Waste Disposal Installation WD Installation No.
EWAWA_PGR Number of General Cargo Entry Gen. Cargo Entry No.
EWAWA_WONR Offline Weighing Offline Weighing
EWA_APPROV Waste approval no. Waste approval
EWA_DISWAY Disposal Channel Number Disposal channel
EWA_ENTAM Number Range for Waste Management Entry Documents Entry Document
EWA_MNANOC Authority-Assigned No. for Transregional Disposal Documents Transreg. Auth. No.
EWA_MNANOR Authority-Assigned No. for Regional Disposal Documents Reg. Auth.-Ass. No.
EWA_MNINO Disposal Document Number Disposal document
EWA_TEST EHS Waste Number Range Test EHS Waste Test
EWA_WAA100 Waste generation Waste generation
EWA_WAA130 Waste disposal Waste disposal
EWA_WAA160 Waste transport Waste transport
EXAMPLE1 Example 1 Example 1
EXAMPLE2 Example 2 Example 2
EXPDSTNOTE Status Information for Progress Tracking Status Information
EXPIMP Number range for export/import Export/import
FAGLRMIGR1 Report Migration: Generated Set Names Report Migration:Set
FAGLRMIGR2 Report Migration: Generated Variable Names Report Migrat.: Var.
FAGLRMIGR3 Report Migration: Log ID Report Migrat. LogID
FAGL_ALLO Number for Allocation in New General Ledger Allocation Number
FAGL_BCF Document Numbers for Balance Carryforward Bal. Carryfwd Docs
FAGL_DOCNR Number Ranges for Documents in General Ledger View Documents in New G/L
FAGL_FCV Identification Number of Valuation Run FrgnCrcyVal. Run No.
FAGL_OBJNR Object Numbers Object Numbers
FAGL_PL_LC Number Ranges for Local Planning Documents in General Ledger Local PlanDocs in GL
FAGL_ROBJN Reorganization: Object Numbers for Reorganization Obj. Nos for Reorg.
FAGL_R_VAR Reorganization: Generated Variant Names Reorg: Variants
FAGL_SKF General Ledger: Document Number for Statistical Key Figures Doc. No.: Stat. KF
FBICRC_DOC IC Reconciliation: Document Numbers per Company Document Numbers
FBICRC_REF Group Reference Numbers for Reconciliation Processes Reference Numbers
FCOM_CREQ Change Request Change Request
FCO_DOC Number Range for Failure Cost Documents Failure Cost Docs
FCRP number range for credit card document credit voucher
FDT_GENNRR FDT: Generic No Range for Names in include/class generation FDT: Gen. No Range
FDU_PROTNR : log number for parallel transfer ExtDataTran. log nr
FD_IDENT Cash Management and Forecast Number Ranges Cash mgmt + forecast
FEBKO Bank statement Bank statement
FE_RUN_ID Run identification number for regulatory reporting Run ID
FHM_CRFH Number range – production resources and tools master Prod.resources/tools
FIAA-BELNR Number range for asset accounting documents Asset Accounting
FIAA_PERP Accounting Document for Periodic Posting Accounting Document
FILA_CONTR Contract Number Contract Number
FILA_DOCNR Number Range Object Lease Accounting Engine Lease Accounting
FILA_RE_1 Number Range: Refinancing Contract Number No. Range Contr. No.
FILC_OBJ Consolidation: RW interface Consolidation
FIMC_BELEG Cons: Consolidation Number Ranges Cons: Documents
FIMC_COINR Consolidation of investments: Activity nos COI activity nos
FIMC_ITEMS EC-CS: Technical set IDs for converting positions EC-CS: Set ID pos.
FIMC_LPROT Identification of a list log List log
FIMC_SETNR EC-MC: technical set name for converting cons. units EC-MC: set numbers
FIN2_IT Number Object for Official Document Numbering (IT) Official Number
FIN2_TW OBNL: Official document numbering for Taiwan OBNL: DocNo. Taiwan
FINANCEID Number Ranges for Product (Product Type Financing) Prod. Type Financing
FINB_DMT1 Dimension IDs Dimension IDs
FINB_DMT2 Dim. ID Ranges Dim. ID Ranges
FINB_DMTD Dimension IDs Dimension IDs
FINB_MD1 Number Range for Registration (REGID and Field Names) Registration
FINB_NO1 Internal Doc. Number Assignment for All Accounting Systems Doc. No. Acc. System
FINB_NOASS Subgroup Number Assignment for an Accounting System Subgroup Number AS
FIN_ACCDOC Number Ranges for Accounting Document (New) Account. Doc. (New)
FIOTP One-Time Postings One-Time Postings
FIPR_ATTR Attributes for financial products Attribute
FIPR_PROD Product Product
FIP_MR_ID test tseat
FIS_EVENT Number of Event in Event Log Event Number
FIXEDPRICE Transfer Price Agreement/Transfer Price Allocation Transfer Price Docs
FI_PYORD Internal number ranges for payment orders Payment orders
FI_RECEIPT Number range for FIAR receipt (Japan) FIAR receipt (JP)
FKKBEECLST Sequential number of VAT Belgium XML report VAT Belgium
FKKBEVAT Sequential number of VAT Belgium XML report VAT Belgium
FKKBILLACC Billing Account Number Billing Account
FKKDISPUTE Number Range for Dispute Cases (Dispute Management) Clarification Cases
FKKDREGAGG Int. No. Ranges for Reference No. of Aggreg. Interim Status Ref.No.Agg.InterimSt
FKKD_AUBID Number Range for Write-Off ID for External Write-Off Write-Off ID
FKKEXBL_IT Number Range for Official Documents in Contract AP/AR Official Documents
FKKINDPAY Internal Number Ranges for Payment Specifications Pymt Specifications
FKKINVBILL Billing Document Billing Document
FKKINVCFC Number Range for Clarification Cases of Invoicing Clarification CaseNo
FKKINVDOC Invoicing Document Invoicing Document
FKKINVSRCD Periodic Invoicing Order Periodic Inv. Order
FKKPRENOT SEPA Direct Debit Pre-Notification Dir.Debit Pre-Notif.
FKKPYANNMT Internal Number Ranges for Payment Notifications Payment Notification
FKKPYFORM Internal Number Ranges for Payment Form Numbers Payment Form Numbers
FKKPYORDER Internal number ranges for payment orders Payment Orders
FKK_BELEG Number Range for Documents in Contract A/R and A/P FI-CA documents
FKK_BOLETO Number range for the internal Boleto number Boleto
FKK_BOLXT Number range for the external Boleto number Ext. Boleto No.
FKK_ED06 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 6) FKK_ED06
FKK_ED06S FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 6, Subobject) FKK_ED06S
FKK_ED06SY FI-CA: Off. Docs (Length 6, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED06SY
FKK_ED06Y FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 6, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED06Y
FKK_ED07 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 7) FKK_ED07
FKK_ED07S FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 7, Subobject) FKK_ED07S
FKK_ED07SY FI-CA: Off. Docs (Length 7, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED07SY
FKK_ED07Y FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 7, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED07Y
FKK_ED08 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 8) FKK_ED08
FKK_ED08S FI-CA: Official Documents (Length 8, Subobject) FKK_ED08S
FKK_ED08SY FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 8, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED08SY
FKK_ED08Y FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 8, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED08Y
FKK_ED09 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 9) FKK_ED09
FKK_ED09S FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 9, Subobject) FKK_ED09S
FKK_ED09SY FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 9, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED09SY
FKK_ED09Y FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 9, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED09Y
FKK_ED10 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 10) FKK_ED10
FKK_ED10S FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 10, Subobject) FKK_ED10S
FKK_ED10SY FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 10, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED10SY
FKK_ED10Y FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 10, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED10Y
FKK_ED11 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 11) FKK_ED11
FKK_ED11S FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 11, Subobject) FKK_ED11S
FKK_ED11SY FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 11, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED11SY
FKK_ED11Y FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 11, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED11Y
FKK_ED12 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 12) FKK_ED12
FKK_ED12S FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 12, Subobject) FKK_ED12S
FKK_ED12SY FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 12, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED12SY
FKK_ED12Y FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 12, Year-Dependent) KK_ED12Y
FKK_ED13 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 13) FKK_ED13
FKK_ED13S FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 13, Subobject) FKK_ED13S
FKK_ED13SY FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 13, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED13SY
FKK_ED13Y FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 13, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED13Y
FKK_ED14 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 14) FKK_ED14
FKK_ED14S FI-CA: Official Documents (Length 14, Subobject) FKK_ED14S
FKK_ED14SY FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 14, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED14SY
FKK_ED14Y FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 14, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED14Y
FKK_ED15 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 15) FKK_ED15
FKK_ED15S FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 15, Subobject) FKK_ED15S
FKK_ED15SY FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 15, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED15SY
FKK_ED15Y FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 15, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED15Y
FKK_ED16 FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 16) FKK_ED16
FKK_ED16S FI-CA: Official Documents (Length 16, Subobject) FKK_ED16S
FKK_ED16SY FI-CA: Off. Documents (Length 16, Subobject, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED16SY
FKK_ED16Y FI-CA: Official Documents (Length 16, Year-Dependent) FKK_ED16Y
FKK_EXTDOC Number Range for Official Documents in Contract AP/AR Official documents
FKK_KONTO Contract Account Contract Account
FKK_MA Master Agreement FKK_MA
FKK_ORD Number Range for Requests Requests
FKK_P2P Number Range for Promises to Pay in FI-CA Promise to Pay
FKK_PPACC Prepaid Account Prepaid Account
FKK_RATEID Number Range for Rating ID Rating ID
FKK_REPT Contract Accounting Number Range: Receipt Printing Rcpt Print. No.Range
FKK_SEC Contract A/R & A/P Number Range: Security Deposit Sec. Dep. No. Range
FKK_SEPA FI-CA: SEPA Mandate Reference FI-CA: SEPA Mandate
FKK_TXINV Tax Invoice Number Tax Invoice Number
FKK_UMB FI-CA Transfer Posting FI-CA Trans. Posting
FKK_VT Provider Contract Provider Contract
FKK_ZAUFT Number Range for Repayment Requests FI-CA Repayment Req.
FLAPP Number for flight applications Flight application
FLLOG Flight number assignment Flight numbers
FMAVC_CHDC AVC Change Documents AVC Change Documents
FMCA_ORD Number Range for IS-PS-CA Requests IS-PS-CA: Requests
FMCA_PSOB PSCD: Contract Object Contract Object
FMCECVGP01 Number Range for Cover Groups Cover Groups
FMCJ_BELNR Internal assignment of document numbers for cash desk Cash desk documents
FMD1_F15_D Data Carrier Indicator F15 Interface Data Carrier Ind.
FMFGKEY Internal number for encoding FMFG attributes Sub-number FMFGKEY
FMFGKEY96 Internal number for encoding FMFG attributes Sub-number FMFGKEY96
FMFGKEY97 Internal number for encoding FMFG attributes Sub-number FMFGKEY97
FMPD Number Range Object for Payment Distribution Payment Distribution
FMSP_SPLIT Split ID for FM account assignment splitting Split ID
FM_BELEG Number ranges for financial budget monitoring FM – document
FM_BELEG2 Number ranges for financial budget monitoring FM – document
FM_BELEG3 Number range: FM line item for cash budget management FM line item
FM_BELEG4 Statistical Ledger (DOCNR in Table FMIA) Stat. ledger
FM_BELEGCO FM doc.: FM-CO integration FM doc.: FM-CO int.
FM_BPREPBW Number Range Obj. for Plan Data Transfer from BW Bprep: BW Retraction
FM_FIPOS int. number assignment for com. item with more than 13 char. commitment item
FM_FI_MISS Number Range of FI Reference for FM Documents w/out FI Ref. FM Without FI Doc.
FM_PAYORD1 Number Range Object for Collective Payment Request Clltive Pymnt Reqst
FM_PAYREQ1 Number range objects for payment requests Payment requests
FM_POSIT cross-FM area number for int. commitment item Int. commitment item
FM_POSIT1 Int. number (POSIT) for com. item per FM area Int. No. p. com.item
FM_STUNR Funds Management Level Number FIFM Level Number
FORMABSENC “Notification of absence” form serial number Form number
FORMEL CAPP Formula CAPP Formula
FOX3_REQ FOX Request FOX Request
FPCRCASEID Case No.  Accountant Case No.  Accountant
FPM_FM_BLK Reference Document Number for Funds Blocking Funds Blocks
FPM_FM_BUD Refernce Document Number for Original Budget, Supplements… Budget
FPM_FM_COM Reference Document Number for Funds Commitment Funds Commitments
FPM_FM_PRE Reference Document Number for Funds Commitment Funds Precommitments
FPM_RUNID Numbers for Commitment Runs Number per Cmmt Run
FPM_TRIPID Trip ID for FPM Demo Scenario Trip ID
FRE_DIF2 BEF Occurrences for Number of Supplied Plants BEF Occurrences
FRE_DIFREF Number range for demand influencing factors Number range for DIF
FRE_PROCYC Number range for procurement cycles Procurement cycles
FRE_RELPRO release profile release profile
FS_PRODID Number Ranges for Product  (Product Type Financial Service) Product Type FS
FTA_AWKEY TR-TM-AC Reference Doc. No. AWREF (is Part of AWKEY) TR-TM-AC Ref.Doc.No.
FTA_GSART Financial transaction Fin. transaction
FTA_KLAMMR Forex Hedges Forex Hedges
FTA_MAID Treasury: Master agreement Master agreement
FTI_OPTFUT Nummernobjekt für Optionen- und Futuresstammdaten Optionen/Futures
FTI_UGSART Underlying Transaction for Options/Futures Underlying trans.
FTLM_RES Number Range Object for Reservations in Limit Management Reservations
FTPM_RLOT Single position number Single position no.
FTR_REFNR Treasury transaction relationships Treasury: Relatshps
FTR_TRF_CL Number for TRF Class Position in Futures Account TRF Position Number
FTR_TRS_NC Nominal Adjustment Number Nominal Adjustment
FTR_TRS_PC Number for Change to Class Position in Securities Account TRS Postion Change
FTR_TRS_TF Number for Securities Transfer Posting TRS Sec. Trans. Pst.
FT_DRU_AM No. range for foreign trade documents – export declaration Export declaration
FT_DRU_ATR No. range for foreign trade documents – ATR document ATR document
FT_DRU_EUR No. range for foreign trade documents – EUR1 document EUR1 document
FT_DRU_T No. range for foreign trade documents – T document T document
FVVD_ATTR Attributes for CML Products CML Prod. Attributes
FVVD_BEKI Loan: Document number of the document header VDBEKI Loan document no.
FVVD_BILL Billing Billing
FVVD_BO Loans: Number Range for business operations Bus. operation no.
FVVD_ESRIN CML Corr.: Invoice Number CML Corr.: Inv. No.
FVVD_KINT Loans Interested Parties Loan Interested Pts
FVVD_KOBJ Loan object key Univers. object key
FVVD_KSON Loan special arrangements Loan spec. arrange.
FVVD_OP Number Range for Ref. Unit Number for Open Item Management OI Ref. Unit Number
FVVD_PNNR Daybook no. loan Daybook no. loan
FVVD_PROD CML Product CML Product
FVVD_RANL Number range for loan number Loan number
FVVD_RBLNR Loan: Collateral value number Collateral value no.
FVVD_RPNR Rollover: Rollover number Rollover: RolloverNo
FVVD_RPNSP General daybook no. General daybook no.
FVVD_SNBNR Rollover: Criteria number Rollover: Crit. no.
FVVINKABEL Number range for incidental costs calculations No. range
FVVI_BEBE Number range object for correction items NoRangeObj. CorrItem
FVVI_IMK30 Key for real estate objects from Release 3.0 Real estate key
FVVI_IMKEY Real estate management objects Real estate objects
FVVI_IMKNT Real estate allocation key, non object-specific Real estate alloc.
FVVI_MVANG Offer for lease-out (real estate) – Number range Lease-out offer
FVVI_NKSET No. range for set ID for storing the RU intervals (SU) No. range for set ID
FVVI_RECN Number Range for Real Estate Contract No. Range RE Cntrct
FVVI_RWINT Posting ID for FI interface ID for FI interface
FVVI_SOID Reference for autom. doc. creation, real estate management Debit position ID
FVVI_SRAUM Number range FVVI: Internal key nos for space maintenance Nos space maint.
FVVI_VWEVT Event management Event management
FVVI_VWVTR Management Contract Number Number Range Management Contract
FVVI_ZAEHL Counter – SC consumption in real estate management Counter SC consumpt.
FVVW_ANLA Number ranges for security class Security class
FVVW_BEKI Securities: Document Number of a Flow Header Security Flow Header
FVVW_IDENT Number ranges for BAV ID number – Security BAV ID securities
FVVW_KMNR TR-TM-PM capital action Corporate actions
FVVW_KOBJ Object key security Object key security
FVVW_ORDER Treasury Securities: Position Number TR-SE: Position No.
FVVW_PNNR Securities: Daybook Securities: Daybook
FVVW_PODOC TR-TM-SE: Document no. of the security posting document SEC
FVVZ_IDENT BAV identification numbers BAV identification
FVV_ADRNR Number ranges: Address: Financial assets management Address assets man.
FVV_DEBIT Number ranges: Customer: Financial assets management Customer assets man.
FVV_OBJNR Number ranges: Address objects: Financial assets management Objects assets man.
FVV_PARTID Number ranges: Partner ID: Financial assets management Partner assets man.
FVV_PARTNR Number ranges: Partner: Financial assets management Partner assets man.
FVV_VORG Release procedure activity number Activity number
GB_CIS_ICR Number range for CIS Interchange Control Reference CIS ICR
GEBAUDE Number range for building per asset group Buildings
GENOBJ Generic Object Services Object Services
GHO_ADOC Audit Document Audit Document
GHO_EVENT Number Range For Deferment Event ID Num Range For Event
GHO_OTS_NO Number range for Order Template Structure number Number range OTS
GHO_VAR_ID Number Range for Variant Header ID (Internal) Variant Header ID
GJPSA_DOC PSA document number for calculation PSA document number
GJPSC_DOC PSC document number for calculation PSC document number
GLE_AWREF ECS Document ID ECS Document ID
GLE_MCA_DN Multi currency accounting document number GLE_MCA_DN
GLE_RUNID Run Administration Run ID GLE_RUNID
GLFLEX_DOC Document numbers for flexible general ledger Document no. GLFLEX
GLM_RECN EH&S: Number Range Object for Assigning GLM Record Numbers Record Numbers
GLN Global Location Number EAN.UCC, GLN
GL_BUCHEN Allocation of a GLX document number during direct posting Direct post.
GL_FLEX0 Number Assignment for Object Tables GLFLEX Obj.Numbers/GFLEX
GL_FLEX1 Number assignment for object tables GLFLEX Obj.number/GFLEX
GL_FLEX2 Number Assignment for Object Tables GLFLEX Obj.Numbers/GFLEX
GL_FLEX3 Number Assignment for Object Tables GLFLEX Obj.Numbers/GFLEX
GL_FLEX4 Number Assignment for Object Tables GLFLEX Obj.Numbers/GFLEX
GL_FLEX5 Number Assignment for Object Tables GLFLEX Obj.Numbers/GFLEX
GL_FLEX6 Number Assignment for Object Tables GLFLEX Obj.Numbers/GFLEX
GL_FLEX7 Number Assignment for Object Tables GLFLEX Obj.Numbers/GFLEX
GL_FLEX8 Number Assignment for Object Tables GLFLEX Obj.Numbers/GFLEX
GL_FLEXPL Document Number for Integrated Planning in General Ledger Integrated Planning
GL_GLOBAL Number ranges for global GL documents Global GL document
GL_LOCAL Number ranges for local GL documents Local GL document
GL_OBJECT Number allocation for GLX objects during direct posting GLX object numbers
GL_OBJECTV Number assignment for 4.0 object tables/view Obj.number/View
GL_RECID Record number for GLX line item tables Record number GLX-EP
GL_ROLLUP Number Ranges for GL Rollup Documents GL doc. for rollup
GL_ROL_ALE ALE rollup GLX document number assignment Doc. no.rollup (ALE)
GL_ROL_GLO Number ranges for GL rollup documents in global ledgers GL doc. for rollup
GL_ROL_LOC Number ranges for GL rollup documents in local ledgers GL doc. for rollup
GMBU_DOCNR Planning/Budgeting in Grants Management Planning/Budgeting
GMTASKLIST GM Task List GM Task List
GM_DOCNR Automatic GMIA-DOCNR number Automatic GMIA-DOCNR
GPDWLST Internal Number Range of Pegging Work List Work List GPD
GRANT Grant in Grants Management Module Grant
GRANT_BDGT GM Entry Document Num GM Entry Doc. Nr.
GRUNDBUCH Number Ranges: Land Register For Managing Property Land Register
GRUNDSTK Number range real estate per asset group Property
GTICHINA GTI: Internal number generation for the splitted invoices GTI-CHINA
G_LOG_RECN GL: Record Number of LOG Entry for Delta Queue GL:LOG Record Number
HR33PKMN_N Package Number Package Number
HR33Y Number range of tax document (CIS) Number of TaxDoc CIS
HRAA_PDOC HR: Posting documents for days carried: Cost allocation HR posting documents
HRADATA Number of Additional Relationship Data Additional Data No.
HRARCHIVE HR-ARC: Number Range for Archiving Groups Archiving Group No.
HRASR_REFN HCM Processes and Forms: Reference Numbers for Processes Reference Number
HRB2A B2A Number Range for the Output of GLBIDs HR B2A Number Range
HRB2ADEZFA Unique Number for Linking Via B2AID/BMSID B2AID/BMSID ZFA
HRB2A_DSTN Electr. Empl. Tax Stmt – Processing Data Ticket for ETStmt Elster ET Stmt – PDH
HRBELNR1 Document Number for Funds (Pre)Commitments (HR-FPM) Document number
HRBELNR2 Document Number for Funds Reservations (HR-FPM) Doc. no. (HR-FPM)
HRCHPKONTO HR-CH: Pension fund: Account number number ranges HR-CH: PK: Kontonr.
HRDME Number Range for DME (Document Number) DME: Document No.
HRGBEFIB2A Unique key value for B2AID : GB eFiling HR:GB B2A ID
HRIPSCLAIM Number Range for Claims & Advance: Refrence Number Claims & Adv Nr Rng
HRIPSLE Number Range for Leave Encashment: Reference number Leave Encash Nr Rng
HRIPSLOAN Reference Number for Loans ESS Requests Loans ESS Requests
HRITUNIE00 No. of temse for XML of Uniemens No.Temse XML UE
HROC_REPL HR: Off-Cycle: Grouping for check management HR OC Grp checkMgmt
HRPERSON Range of Numbers for Central Person Central person
HRPKBUNUM Posting Numbers for PF Account Posting Nos PF Acct.
HRPP_PDOC Days carried FI/CO: HR posting documents HR posting documents
HRPT_BD_NR Portugal Public Sector: Sequence number for BDAP report HR PT PS: BDAP Seqnr
HRSM_SEQNR Number range for external employee maintenance interface External employee
HRSOBJECT Number Range for Standard Task, Role, etc. Standard Objects
HRTABNR Table Infotype Enhancement Number Table Infotype
HRTEM_REFN Training an event management: Reference doc. nos CO, SD TEM: Reference nos
HRTR_PDOC Days Carried FI/CO: Travel Expenses Posting Documents TRV Posting Docs
HRU0016CON Number range for maintaing contracts in IT-0016 IT 0016 contracts
HRVE_FAOV Sequence number for archive generation in FAOV Sequence number
HRWFD HCM-WFD Employee manteinance HCM-WFD EM
HRWFOBJECT Workflow Task Number Assignment PD Workflow Objects
HRYP298 Number of Personnel Order Number of Order
HR_BE_DI00 Reference for Dimona declarations (HR Belgium) Dimona Reference
HR_BE_DIMN Form ID  for Dimona declarations (HR Belgium) Dimona STMOD
HR_BE_DIRN Form reference for Dimona declarations (HR Belgium) Dimona Form Ref
HR_BE_SRRN Form reference for social risk declarations (HR Belgium) Social risk Form Ref
HR_CH_FMZR Notific. ID for Notification to Family-Rel. Bonus Register HR-CH: FamRelBReg
HR_ERUNID Evaluation run ID Evaluation run ID
HR_FR_AAI ASSEDIC n° for temp. employees in the entertainment sector Total ASSEDIC tempEE
HR_FR_AAI2 Statement order number Statement number
HR_FR_AAS ASSEDIC n° for employees Total ASSEDIC EEs
HR_FR_ASI6 ASI6M sending reference number Sending reference
HR_FR_ASMA Sending number MMP/ATT wage statement Sending identifier
HR_FR_DAD DADS-U dispatch reference number Sending reference
HR_FR_DAT EDI DAT identification number DAT IT ref. number
HR_FR_N4DS N4DS sending reference number Sending reference
HR_GB_HEID HESA: New staff ID New HESA staff ID
HR_IT_IT01 Company range IT01 Comp. range IT01
HR_MMSRV Days carried MM-SRV: HR document number Table HRMMSRVIF
HR_MX_SSFO Service Sheet – FOVISSSTE page No. FOVISSSTE Page No.
HR_MX_SVSH Service Sheet – Sheet number Sheet number
HR_NL_EIR Message Numbers for Electronic Illness Reporting NL Message Numbers EIR
HR_NL_PRNL Pension Return: Number Range Object for B2A-ID Pension Return B2AID
HR_PEVAL2 HR-PAY: Accounting analyses HR-PAY: Analyses
HR_PROCESS Process Number Allocation Proc. No.Allocation
HR_UN_EG PY-NPO: EG Expense Management Number Key PY-NPO: EG NumberKey
HR_UN_RS Rental Subsidy Application Number RS Application Numb.
HR_ZA_CERT South African Tax Certificate Number (IRP5/IT3a) Certificate Numbers
HR_ZA_FILE South African Tax Certificates : File Generation Number File Generation Nrs
HR_ZA_LABR Labour Relations Case Number Labour Relations(ZA)
HR_ZA_RUN South African Tax Certificates – Run Number Run Number
HUINV Number Range Object for Physical Inventory Documents HU Phys. Inv. Doc.
HU_VEKP Number Range for External Handling Unit Identification Handling Unit ID
IB_IBIB PM: Not used PM: Not used
IB_INST PM: Not used PM: Not used
IB_PD Investment Buying Price Down Logging InvestBuy Price Down
IB_SYM_ID IB: Numerical ID for a Symbol Symbol ID
ICL_BENTRE Benefit Type Tree Benefit Type Tree
ICL_BENTYP Benefit Type Benefit Type
ICL_CLAIM Number of Claim Claim Number
ICL_COVTYP Coverage Type Coverage Type
ICL_DOBJ Number range damaged object No.range damaged obj
ICL_EVENT Claim Bundle Claim Bundle
ICL_IBNR DB Key for IBNR Reserve Result in Table ICL_IBNR_RESULT IBNR Reserve Result
ICL_NOTICE ICL: First Notice of Loss ICL: FNOL
ICL_POLPRO Policy Product Policy Product
ICL_RESLOT Reserve Lot Reserve Lot
ICL_ULAEDB ULAE Run Number ULAE Run Number
IDREPFWRID Rep.Framework: Run identification Run Identification
IDSAUWTCER Withholding Tax Certificate WTax Certificate
IDWTCERT Certificate No. range Certificate No.
IDWTVC No. range for CIS vouchers Voucher’s No.range
IE_RCT_NR Number range for IE Number range for IE
IE_WT_PSWT Ireland Sequential Number Range for PSWT Certificates IE PSWT Number Range
IGN_COPY Copying BRF Objects Copying in BRF
IHC_LOG Context Structures for IHC Log Contexts Context Structures
IHC_NRO_PN Number Range Object for Payment Orders Payment Orders
IHC_REFNR IHC Reference Number for Grouping Documents IHC Reference No.
ILOA PM: Location and account assignment for PM object PM: Location/acc.ass
IMAK Appropriation request Appropriation req.
IMEL PM: Measurement reading list PM: MeasReading list
IMMOAPPLIC Rental Requests Rental Requests
IMMOBEWERB Number ranges for real estate application Real estate applic.
IMMOOFFERS Rental Offers Rental Offers
IMP001 Number Assignment for IMP Trigger Trigger Counter
IMPT PM: Measuring Point PM: Measuring Point
IMRG PM: Measurement document PM: MeasurementDoc.
IM_POSNR Inv. program position internal number Inv. prog. position
INET Number range for object networking Object networking
INFOSATZ Number Ranges for Purchasing Info Record Purch. info record
INHBC PM: ageing counter for terminations during data transfer PM: Ageing Counter
INSOBJECT FS-CD: Insurance Object Insurance Object
INSTLOG SAP Installation: Log Entry Numbering SAP Installation
INV_BAPINO Internal Bill Number of BAPI Posting Bill Number
INV_DOCNO Number Range for Bill/Payment Advice – Document Internal Bill Number
INV_INVNO Number Range for Bill/Payment Advice – Header Internal Bill Number
INV_TMPLTN Document Templates – Bill/Payment Advice Note Receipt Bill Doc. Templates
INV_TRSFNO Internal ID of Transfer Line Internal Transfer No
IPAC_DOCR Automatic IPAC Document Reference Number IPAC Doc Ref. Number
IP_PRODID Number Ranges for Product (Prod. Type Intellectual Property) Product Type IP
IRESTO PM: Reservation numbers for technical objects PM: ResNum Techn.Ob.
IRW_BELEG Number Ranges Internal FI/CO Documents (Funds Reservations) Reservation document
ISB_KL Number Range for Administering External Default Risk Rates Dflt Risk Records
ISB_MWDATA RR. No. of Written MDS File RR. File No.
ISB_MWSOBJ RR. No. Range Object for Collection Object Number RR. Collection Obj.
ISB_PROTNR Log Number for Parallel Transfer Log Number
ISB_RBESTO IS-B: position number for positions IS-B: position num.
ISB_RBKBEW Turnovers for Business Partner Accounts IS-B: Turnovers
ISB_RBKONT SAP Banking: Business Partner Account Business Partner Act
ISB_RGENUM IS-B: Internal Transaction Number for Bank Transactions ISB Transaction No.
ISB_RSERVI Service Number Service Number
ISB_UMSATZ Account Turnover Numbers Acct Turnover Nos
ISDB Solution Database Solution Database
ISH_ANFRNR IS-H CH: Number range for insurance verification request no. IV request no. (CH)
ISH_CRD Sequence Number of Health Insurance Card Seq. No. EHC
ISH_N1AFIT IS-H*MED: Number range object for request ID IS-H*MED: ANFID
ISH_N1AFNR IS-H*MED: Number range object for request number IS-H*MED: N1ANFNR
ISH_N1CYDE IS-H*MED: Unique ID of Cycle Definition IS-H*MED: CyclDef ID
ISH_N1DANR IS-H*MED: Number range object for Medical Record Mgmt IS-H*MED: Doc.number
ISH_N1FAID IS-H*MED: Number Range Object for Transport Order ID Transport Order ID
ISH_N1GCID ID of Cycle IS-H*MED: Cycle ID
ISH_N1GNR IS-H*MED/Perinat: Birth numbers for perinatal documentation Birth number
ISH_N1LAPP Number Range for Services Services
ISH_N1MEDD IS-H*MED: Drug Documentation IS-H*MED: Drug Doc.
ISH_N1MEEA IS-H*MED: Medication, Event Administration Document IS-H*MED: ID EvAdmD.
ISH_N1MEEP IS-H*MED: Medication, Preparation Documentation of Event IS-H*MED: ID PrepDoc
ISH_N1MEEV IS-H*MED: Medication Event ID IS-H*MED: Event ID
ISH_N1MEP IS-H*MED:  Number Range Object for Drug ID Drug ID
ISH_N1MEPE IS-H*MED: External ID Prescription Printout IS-H*MED:Ext ID PrPr
ISH_N1MEPP IS-H*MED: ID Prescription Print IS-H*MED:ID Pres.Prt
ISH_N1MERG IS-H*MED: Med: Merg ID Med: Merg ID
ISH_N1MERO IS-H*MED: Dosage Sequence ID IS-H*MED: DosRate ID
ISH_N1MLZU IS-H*MED: Sequential number of N1MLZUO (ID) IS-H*MED: N1MLZUO ID
ISH_N1POP IS-H*Med: Key for Redundant Structure (N1POPAKTE) Patient Org. Red.Str
ISH_N1RONR IS-H*MED: Routing Number IS-H*MED: RoutingNo.
ISH_N1ROUT IS-H*MED RAD: Routing Task Number IS-H*MED RAD Routing
ISH_N1THS IS-H*MED: Unique ID of Medication Prescription IS-H*MED: Prescr. ID
ISH_N1THSE IS-H*MED: External ID of Medication Prescription IS-H*MED:Ext.PrescID
ISH_N1TPGR IS-H*MED: ID Template Group IS-H*MED: ID TmplGrp
ISH_N1TPID IS-H*MED: ID Order Template IS-H*MED: ID Ord.Tpl
ISH_N1TPOD IS-H*MED: ID Template Order Drug IS-H*MED: ID TmplODr
ISH_N1TPOR IS-H*MED: ID Template Order Rate IS-H*MED: ID TmplODr
ISH_N1UNF IS-H*MED: Number range for accident number Accident No.
ISH_N1VKID IS-H*MED: Number range object for pre-registration ID Preregistration ID
ISH_N1VPID IS-H*MED: Number Range Object for Vital Sign Seq. Number Vital Sign Seq. No.
ISH_N1ZYNR IS-H*MED: Number range object for cycle number IS-H*MED: N1ZNR
ISH_N2ANNR IS-H*MED: Anesthesia number IS-H*MED: AN.number
ISH_N2CARD Number Range for Cardiology Departmental Solution Cardiology Dept.Sol.
ISH_N2DOKR IS-H*MED: Number range for external document references IS-H*MED: N2DOKR
ISH_N2OPNM IS-H*MED: Surgery Number w/ Subobject Department IS-H*MED: Srg Number
ISH_N2VD IS-H*MED: Number Range Object for Progress Entry Key IS-H*MED: PD
ISH_NAPP IS-H: Seq. no. of a provisional appointment prov. appnt
ISH_NATM Available Time Slot Modification Time Slot Modificat.
ISH_NBAU Number range for structural unit Structural unit
ISH_NC01 ISHCM Obsolete (Formerly for Dispatch Orders) HCM Obsolete
ISH_NC02 ISHCM Number range for messages ready to send HCM Msg ready t.send
ISH_NC301 ISHCM Number range for EDI messages HCM EDI message
ISH_NC301D ISHCM Number range for EDI files HCM EDI file number
ISH_NC301X ISHCM EDI file transfer number partner system outbound HCM EDI transfer
ISH_NC321 ISHCM Number range for §321 messages HCM §321 message
ISH_NC321D ISHCM Number range for §321 files HCM §321 file number
ISH_NCEDI0 IS-H: EDI case-related data exchange number (CCPS) HCM EDI spec. logic
ISH_NCI0 ISHCM Number range for inbound messages HCM inbound number
ISH_NCTOID Number Range for ID of Context-to-Object Assignment No.Context-Obj.Asgmt
ISH_NCTXID Number Range for Context ID No. Context ID
ISH_NDIP Number Range for Preregistered Patient Diagnoses No. Diagn. Prereg.
ISH_NEO_NF Number Range for External Order Number (Internal Use Only) Exernal Order Number
ISH_NFAL Number Range for Case Identification Case Number
ISH_NGPA Number range for business partner Business partner no.
ISH_NICP IS-H: Technical number range for surgical procedure codes Surg. proc. codes
ISH_NICP2 IS-H: Technical Number Range for DRG Surg. Procedure Codes DRG Surg.Proc.Codes
ISH_NIPP Number Range for Provisional Insurance Relationships Provisional Ins.Rel.
ISH_NKIP IS-H: Object for NKIP: pre-approved insurance/default values Default value nos.
ISH_NKSA Number range for insurance verification declarat. (Austria) IV declarat. (AT)
ISH_NKSK Number Range for Insurance Verification IV Document No.
ISH_NKUA Number range for insurance verification request IVR number
ISH_NLAK Number range for material requisition Material requisition
ISH_NLEI Number range for services Services
ISH_NLEV IS-H: Number range for services from prelim. entry Svces frm prel.entry
ISH_NL_VZF IS-H NL: Collective bill IS-H NL: CollectBill
ISH_NMATO Number range for OU-related material requisition Mat. requisition OU
ISH_NMATP Number range for case-related material requisition Mat. requisit. case
ISH_NMATV IS-H MM: Seq. no. materials for case (actual) Seq. no. NMATV
ISH_NMSTOR IS-H MM: Number Range for Closets Closets
ISH_NNAU Number range field AUTNR of NNAU Number range NNAU
ISH_NORG Number Range for Organizational Unit Organizational Unit
ISH_NPAP Number Range for Provisional Patient Master Data Prov.PatMaster NumRg
ISH_NPAT Number range for patient identification Patient number
ISH_NPCP Number Range for Preregistered Patient Procedures No. Procedure Prereg
ISH_NPER Number Range for Persons Persons
ISH_NPRGNR Number Range for Preregistration Number Prereg. Number
ISH_NSRE Number range for collective bill – Austria Collective bill (AT)
ISH_NVBRK Number Range Object for Provisional Invoice Provisional Invoice
ISH_NWCH00 Number range for fee-based services Fee-based services
ISH_NWCH02 IS-H CH: Job number of fee breakdown job Job number
ISH_NWCHZM IS-H CH: Technical number range for time markers Time markers
ISH_NWLM Number Range for Absences From Waiting List No. Absence From WL
ISH_PLAID IS-H*MED: Day-Related Planning Authority ID Day-Rel. Plan. Auth.
ISH_SAMNR Number Range Object for Collective Invoice Collective Invoice
ISH_VBRK SG: Number range for combination criteria case invoice SG: Case invoice
ISJPINVSUM Invoice Summary Number Invoice Summary Nr.
ISMP Number range symptom Number Range Symptom
ISM_ALIAS Sequence number for street aliases Aliases sequence no.
ISM_CBOOK Tech.surrogate key for circulation book (ABC, IVW, WEMF,…)
ISM_CMPLNO Number for Postediting a Complaint in the Internet Number IAC Compl.
ISM_COLL IS-M: Number Range for Goods Collection IS-M: Goods Collec.
ISM_COLLNM IS-M: Coll.Processing Number for Credit Memo Gen. IS-M: Coll.Proc.No.
ISM_DPAM_1 IS-M: DPAM, Order Header IS-M: DPAM,Order Hdr
ISM_DPAM_2 IS-M: DPAM, Order Number (Deutsche Post AG) IS-M: DPAM, OrderNo.
ISM_EIF_NR IS-M: Number Range – Ext. Settlement Interface IS-M: Ext. Interface
ISM_FESTPL IS-M: Online Fixed Space IS-M: Onl.Fxd Space
ISM_FICOL IS-M: Reference document number for coll.postings in FI IS-M:
ISM_IACNO Number of Creation/Change via IAC Number of IAC Change
ISM_JVSOH IS-M/SD Shipping Order Number IS-M Shipping Order
ISM_PRDH_V IS-M/AM Product Hierarchy: Provisional Products IS-M/AM: Prov.Prod.
ISM_PROMO Number Range Object for Sales Promotion No.Range Sales Prom.
ISM_RETINF IS-M/SD: Seq.Number of Confirmation from Shipping Serv.Comp. IS-M/SD: UD Number
ISM_REV1 Key Date Logic Counter for Order Revenue Recognition KeyDte Order Rev.Rec
ISM_REV2 Key Date Logic Counter for Billing Doc.Revenue Recognition KeyDte BlDoc Rev.Rec
ISM_REV3 Key Date Logic Counter for Revenue Recognition Order Qties Key Date Order Q RR
ISM_REV4 Key Date Logic Counter for Revenue Recognition Bill.Doc Qtis Key Date BlDc Q RR
ISM_SERVNO Number for Postediting Change in IAC Number of IAC Change
ISM_SESSNO WWW, Session Number WWW, Session Number
ISM_TRANS IS-M: Transfer Request IS-M: Transfer Req.
ISM_TRANSF Number of liability account transfer run Transfer run
ISM_UNSOLD IS-M: Request Number IS-M: Request Number
ISOL Number range solution NumberRange Solution
ISP_ABLDNG Unloading number range Unloading no.range
ISP_ABLRGL Unloading rules number range Unload.rules no.rnge
ISP_ABNR IS-M/AM: Customer Outline Agreement Number IS-M: COA Number
ISP_ABRCHN Service settlement number range Srv. sttl. no.range
ISP_ABUEB Run number for transferring settlement to Financial Accting IS-M/SD: Transfer
ISP_ADRNR Address number range Address number range
ISP_AENDNR Change number range Change number range
ISP_AVMNR IS-M/AM: Number Range Object for Order Number IS-M/AM: Order No.
ISP_BEABST Loading/unloading number range Load/
ISP_BEDNR IS-M/AM: Number Range for COA Contract Requirements IS-M/AM: Reqmt.No.
ISP_BELEG Number ranges for publishing documents Document no.range
ISP_BELEIN IS-M: Number Range for Booking Unit IS-M: Booking Unit
ISP_BESTTL IS-M/AM: Number Range for COA Contract Elements IS-M/AM: Req.Element
ISP_BEZIRK Area number range Area number range
ISP_BUND State number range State number range
ISP_BV Employment relationship
ISP_CHINR IS-M/AM: Number Range Object for Box Number IS-M/AM: Box Number
ISP_DAM_TE Test Test
ISP_DIEN Service Service
ISP_DLV Delete service contract number range Service
ISP_DRER Number range for publication Publication no.range
ISP_EV IS-M/AM: Revenue Object Document IS-M: Revenue Object
ISP_EVENTQ IS-M: Quantity Planning IS-M: Qty Planning
ISP_FAKBL IS-M: Billing Documents IS-M: Billing Docs
ISP_FAKT IS-M/AM: Billing/Settlement Document Number IS-M/AM: Billg/Sett.
ISP_FIBU IS-M/SD: Accounting Documents (Internal No.Assignment Only) IS-M/SD: Acctng Doc.
ISP_FSAMMG Number range for collective billing processing No.rnge
ISP_FUEBL Run number for transferring billing Financial Accting Transfer run
ISP_GEBIND Trading unit number range Trading unit no.rnge
ISP_GEO Geographical units number range Geo.unit no.range
ISP_GEOPST SAPScript-no.for a text on geo.unit post allocation no.range
ISP_GPPROT Log counter for external system operations log number range Log counter no.range
ISP_GP_ERS IS-M: BP Substitution IS-M: BP Substit.
ISP_GP_NR Number range for business partner number No.rge for bus.prtnr
ISP_GUTSNR Credit memo number range Cred.memo no.range
ISP_INHAKO IS-M/AM: Number Range Object for Content Component Content Component
ISP_JJTBB IS-M/AM: For deletion (former elements) IS-M/AM: Delete
ISP_JKONV Number range for document conditions in settlements Document conditions
ISP_JVTFV Error message distribution number range Error
ISP_LAUFLI Event list number range Event list no.range
ISP_LFBAR Availability number range Availability no.rnge
ISP_LFNGNR Delivery number range Delivery no.range
ISP_LSAMMG Pmnt settlement collective processing no.range PmntSttlCollPrNoRnge
ISP_MAT Material number for publishing material number range Material no. no.rnge
ISP_MMNR IS-M/AM: Media Mix IS-M/AM: Media Mix
ISP_NCAEND Change no. for CMF net change procedure number range
ISP_ORT Internal number for cities Int.num.for cities
ISP_PAKET Number Range for Bundles (Accessed from Bundling) IS-M/SD: Bundles
ISP_PE IS-M/AM: Number Range Object for Production Unit IS-M/AM: Prod.Unit
ISP_PLANPE IS-M: Number Range Object for Planned Production Unit IS-M: Planned PU
ISP_POSINT IS-M/AM: Number Range for OPM (Internal Item Number) IS-M: Int.Item No.
ISP_POSNR IS-M/AM: Number Range Object for OPM Item Number IS-M/AM: Item No.
ISP_PROSP Ad Pre-Print Order – Number Range Object Ad Pre-Print Order
ISP_RECHDR Number ranges for invoice printing Invoice printout
ISP_RECHER Research number range Research no. range
ISP_ROUPVA Routes-PSE allocation number range Routs-PSE
ISP_ROUTE Publishing route number range Route no.range
ISP_RVERT Publishing route contract number range Route cntrct no.rnge
ISP_SAMMG IS-M/AM: Collective Blling/Settlement Run IS-M/AM: Coll.BRun
ISP_SINR IS-M/AM: Ad Insert Number IS-M/AM: Ad Ins.No.
ISP_STR Number Range for Street Number NumR.for Street No.
ISP_VA Number range for issue Issue number range
ISP_VARI Shipping plan variants number range Variants no.range
ISP_VASYNC Number range for worklist for issue synchronization MSD->MAM NRnge iss.synchron.
ISP_VERMV IS-M/AM: Number Range for Media Agent Contract IS-M/AM: MAgt Cont.
ISP_VSPLAN Shipping schedule number range
ISP_WEKONR Contact to business partner number range
ISRE_KONTO Bank procedure account number Bank
ISSR_DOCNR Document Number for Reg. Reporting Table Group in FI-SL FI-SL
ISSR_FLOWN Number of Flows in Reg. Reporting Basis Table Reg.Rep. Flow Number
ISSR_POST Assignment of Doc. No. for Posting in IS-SR with FI-SL Document No. Posting
IST_ADD_NR IS-T: Number Range for Additional Data (ICOM) IS-T: Add. Data No.
IST_BJOBNR Partial ID to Identify a Job (Enable Tel.No.) Job Identification
IST_BTDOC Disconnection Number IS-T Disconnect. No. IS-T
IST_BTELNR File No.: Disconnect/Reconnect Tel.No. from dunning/pay run File No.:Disc.Tel.No
IST_VERTEX Internal Node Number for the Contract Manager IS-T: Node Number
ISU_BIRUN Number of Billing Run Billing Run No.
ISU_BULKRF Data Exchange Group Reference Number DEx. Group Ref. No.
ISU_CREFNO Number ranges for reference numbers IDE: cross ref. no.
ISU_DBRE BRE: Number Ranges for BRE Runs BRE: Run ID BRE
ISU_DEVCHK Number Range: Error Number IS-U: Device Checker
ISU_DEVGRP number range for the device group Device group
ISU_DGEN BRE: Number Range for Extract Generation Runs NR: Run ID Ex.Gen.
ISU_EABL Number Range: Internal Number of Meter Reading Document NR: MR Document
ISU_EABP Number Range: Budget Billing Plan IS-U Bud. Bill. Plan
ISU_EANL Number range: installation (billing object) Installation
ISU_EAUS Number range object: move-out document Move-out document
ISU_ECLEAN Number Range Object for Property in IS-W Property
ISU_EDCN Disconnection document Disconnection doc.
ISU_EDMP Number Ranges for Profiles Profile Number
ISU_EDMPT Number Range for Temporary EDM Profiles Temp. Profile Number
ISU_EDM_CR Number Range for Calculation Run Number Calculation Run No.
ISU_EDM_FI Number Range for Formula Allocations Formula Allocations
ISU_EDM_IB Number Ranges for Profile Import Document Profile Import Doc.
ISU_EDM_SC Number Range for Source System Source System No.
ISU_EDM_SD Number Range for Settlement Document Settlement Document
ISU_EDM_U1 Point of Delivery ID for Structure Category 1 Point of Delivery ID
ISU_EDM_VN Internal Number of Version of EDM Profile Profile Version No.
ISU_EDSC Number Range for Discount (Billing Object) Discount
ISU_EEAG Number Range: Input/Output Groups I/O groups
ISU_EEIN Number range object: move-in document Move-in document
ISU_EHAU Number range: funct. locations of conn. obj. & device loctn Functional locations
ISU_EKOG Number Range for Command group Command Group
ISU_EKON Number range: franchise contract Franchise contract
ISU_EPREI Price Number Range Price
ISU_EPROP Number range for property Property
ISU_ERCH Number Range: ISU ERCH Document NR: Billing Document
ISU_ERDK IS-U Print Documents IS-U Print Documents
ISU_ERDMP Number Range for Redemption Object No Range ISU_ERDMP
ISU_EROUTE Number range object of route in Waste Management No. range of route
ISU_ETRF Logical Number of Rate Steps Logical Rate Number
ISU_EVBS Number range: premise Premise
ISU_EVER Number range: IS-U contract NR: IS-U contract
ISU_EVGBEL Number Range for Index Table for Waste Disposal Order Ind.Tab.for Wst.Ord.
ISU_EWAOBJ Number Range: Service Frequency Service Frequency
ISU_EWAORD Number range of the waste disposal order Waste Disposal Order
ISU_EWAROB Number Range Object for Cleaning Object in IS-U-WA Cleaning Object
ISU_EWIK Number Range: Winding Group Winding Group
ISU_EXT_BR Number Range for Official Documents in Brazil Official Documents
ISU_EZWG Number Range: Register Group Register Group
ISU_FAKTOR Number Range Object for Waste Management Factors IS-W Factors
ISU_GBCCON Number Assignment for GBC Connections Connections
ISU_GBCLNK Number Assignment for GBC Links Links
ISU_GCONTR Guarantor Contract Guarantor Contract
ISU_IDEPRO Number Range for Workflow Processes Serving Enrollment IDE process
ISU_IDESWD Switch Document Number for Change of Service/Supplier Switch Document No.
ISU_IDETRA Number Range for Workflow Functions Serving Enrollment IDE transaction
ISU_IDOC Number Range for IDOcs IDocs Deregulation
ISU_INDEXN Index Number of Register Relationship Ind.No. of Reg.Rel.
ISU_LOGINR Number Range: Logical Device Number Logical Device No.
ISU_LOGIZW Number Range: Logical Register Number Logical Register No.
ISU_LOGLPR Logical Number of Load Profile Allocation LogNo: LP alloc.
ISU_NFNUMB Nota Fiscal number for IS-U Brazil NF number IS-U
ISU_PRACT Print Action Records Number Range Print action records
ISU_PRDOC IS-U: Number Range Object for Parked Document Parked Document
ISU_PREPAY Number Range for Prepayment Object (PPM Document) Numbers for PP
ISU_TE227 Political regional structure element Polit. reg. struc.
ISU_TE271 Number range: lot Lot
IS_ADSPCIP Number Range for Satus Management in SPCIP Status Management
IT_BANKNR Number Range Object: Incoming Bank Statement Number Range Object
IWWO Cluster ID Cluster ID
J3RFORMS Legal Forms Russia Legal Forms Russia
J3RF_DIARC Number range for Digital invoice archive Numb range DI archiv
JBD_CPID ID of SEM Change Pointer Change Pointer ID
JBRBDSLFN RM Report Data Memory: Run Number RM RDM: Run Number
JBRSVGAPID Number Range Object for Results from Gap Evaluations NRO Gap Results
JBRSVSTATE RM: ID of a Saved Data Status No.RangeObj.StatusID
JB_BAENINT SAP Banking: Position Change – Internal Number SAP Banking: Int.No.
JB_CFNUM Internal Number of Cash Flow Transaction Int.No.CashFlowTrans
JB_CTCDLI Object for Converting Ref. Accounts to Standard Conditions Conversion Ref.Accts
JB_TONUM Turnover Number for Variable Transaction Turnvr No. Var.Trans
JB_TONUM_I Internal Turnover Number for Variable Transaction Internal Turn. No.
JB_VTNUM_I Internal Number for Variable Transactions Int. No. Var. Trans.
JITO_DLCN Outgoing Delivery Confirmation (via IDoc): Document Number Delivery Confirm.
JITO_HD_01 Call Key JIT Outbound Call Key JIT
JIT_GR_01 JIT: Grouping Information for Components Groups JIT: Grouping Info
JIT_HD_01 JIT call header, unique key (IBU Automotive) JIT: call header
JIT_IT_01 JIT: components group, unique key (IBU Automotive) JIT:
JIT_MA_01 JIT: material, unique key (IBU Automotive) JIT: material
JIT_PP_01 JIT: Production Info, Unique Key (SAP Automotive) JIT : Key JITPP
JPMESSNR Announcement number Announcement number
JV_CUTBACK Cutback Reference Number Cutback Reference No
JV_DOC Joint Venture Accounting Documents JV Documents
JV_JOA Joint Operating Agreements Joint Operating Agr.
JV_MASTER Joint Venture Master Data Joint Venture
JV_OHCHAR Overhead Character Keys in Overhead Organizer Overhead Characters
JV_OHKEY Overhead Key used in Overhead Organizer Overhead Key
JV_OHLIST Overhead List Number in Overhead Organizer Overhead List Number
JV_PLAN JVA Plandata JVA Plandata
JV_RECID Record number T8JIX Record number T8JIX
J_1ANUMBER Number range for additional Argentine document number Argentine doc. no.
J_1AOFFDOC Numbering Object for Official Documents Official Documents
J_1APRNTCH Number ranges for printing characters Printing character
J_1A_AAWBL Internal Way Bill Number for Asset Movements Internal Way Bill No
J_1BECD ECD execution number ECD execution number
J_1BNFDOCN Nota Fiscal document number NF document number
J_1BNFENUM Nota Fiscal Electronica Number NFe Number
J_1BNFNUMB Nota fiscal number NF number
J_1I57FC 57FC Number Range Object 57FC Number Range
J_1IARE1 ARE1 Doc No object based on Series Group ARE1 Doc no range
J_1IARE3 ARE3 Doc No object based on Series Group ARE3 Doc no range
J_1IBOND Excise Bonding: Bond number object Bond no object
J_1ICERT Withholding Tax Certificates (India) WH Tax Certs (India)
J_1ICHLNNO Internal number range for challans Challan No range
J_1ICONPLA Consolidated PLA serial no. generation Consolidated PLA No.
J_1IDEPINV Excise Invoice Number for Depot Invoices Exc Inv No. Depot
J_1IEXCEXP Export excise invoice number range Export exciseinvoice
J_1IEXCINV Excise invoice number Excise invoice no.
J_1IEXCLOC Local excise invoice numebr range Local excise invoice
J_1IEXCTST Excise invoice with intervals Excise invoice
J_1IEXINEX Excise invoice number for export Exc. inv. no. export
J_1IG_ODN Numbering Object for Official Documents Official Documents
J_1IINTNUM Internally document number to be generated Internal No range
J_1IINTPR2 Despatch serial number Despatch serial num
J_1ILIC Excise Bonding: License number object License no object
J_1IPLA2 PLA part II number range object PLA part II object
J_1IRG1 RG1 Number range object RG1 Number range obj
J_1IRG1_T No. Range for RG1 – Excise group / Material No. Range for RG1
J_1IRG23A1 RG23A part 1 no. range object RG23A part 1 obj
J_1IRG23A2 RG23A part II number range object RG23A part II object
J_1IRG23C1 RG23C part I number range object RG23C part I object
J_1IRG23C2 RG23C part II number range object RG23C part II object
J_1IRG23D Folio Numbers for RG 23D Folio Numbers
J_1ISERCRD Service Tax credit used for payments number range object Serv Tax Cred No.
J_1ISEREXT Service Tax Exempt Payable Number Range object Serv Tax Exmpt Payb.
J_1ISERPAY Service Tax Payable Serial Number range object Serv Tax Payable No.
J_1I_GAR7 internal challan number for GAR7 Internal Challan-GAR
J_1S_FSPED IS-M/SD: Number range for third party forwarding (CH) IS-M/SD: TP Fwdg CH
J_1S_ORT Number ranges for city numbers (CH) NumRng city num.CH
J_1S_STR Number range for street number (CH) NumRng street no.CH
J_3GANZVAR Internal Number for Display Variant for Key Creation INDX Layout
J_3GARCHIV Internal Number for Archiving Lists for Key Creation INDX List Archiving
J_3GBELEG ETM Document ETM Document
J_3GPRLHD ETM Number Range for Condition Technique Price List Dtrmn ETM Price Lists
J_3GRVLAUF Settlement Run ETM Settlement Run ETM
J_3GSTLKOP Number of Catalog BOM BOM Numbers
J_3RCTS Number Range for Currency Transaction Statement Number Curr.Trans.Statement
J_3RF_IMCD Import Cargo Customs Declaration Import Customs Declr
J_3RF_SPDN Supporting Document Statement Support.Doc.Statemen
J_3RINV Number Range for Incoming Invoices Incoming Invoice
J_3RSCCD Cargo Customs Declaration Cargo Customs Declr
J_3RSEXP Secondary Events for Exports Sec. Events/Exports
J_3RSPOD Passport of Deal Passport of Deal
J_3RSSVRUN Separate VAT Run ID Sep VAT Run ID
J_3RXML Number ranges for XML reports J_3RXML
J_3R_LFNRG Number range for legal forms for Russia Legal forms numbers
J_7LBELEG Number Ranges for Recycling Declarations REA Declarations
J_7LFKEY Number Ranges for Data Filter Keys REA Filter Keys
J_7LMATNR Number Ranges for Recycling Declaration Keys REA Declaration Keys
J_7LMATNR1 Number Ranges for Recycling Declaration Keys Object 1 REA Declar. Keys 1
J_7LMATNR2 Number Ranges for Recycling Declaration Keys Object 2 REA Declar. Keys 2
KALK Number ranges, pricing Costing
KAPAZITAET Capacity ID Capacity ID
KBED Number range object for capacity requirements Capacity req.
KB_NRRANGE Number range object for runtime version for SCE KB Runtime versions
KCD_PROTNR KCD: Log number for parallel copy KCD: Log number
KEABC CO-ABC -> CO-PA: Program Numbers CO-ABC -> CO-PA
KEAKIPV CO-PA Account Assignment – Entry Aids: Numbers CO-PA Entry Helps
KEDR Derivation of characteristics: Table numbers Char. derivation
KEDRINTID Derivation Internal ID Deivation Int. ID
KLASSE Number ranges for class maintenance Class maintenance
KLASSE2 Variable lists (class header) number range Variable lists
KLFAZNR Number Ranges for Facilities Facilities
KLSDCPROT Generation of Run Numbers for Log Generation for STC STC Log
KLSI Internal Collateral ID for Collateral Int. Collateral ID
KON3 Number Ranges for Campaign Determination Conditions Campaign Determin.
KOND Material determination – internal number allocation Mat. determination
KONH Number ranges for master conditions Master conditions
KONHH Batch allocation strategy – internal number assignment Conditions:
KONHM Number Range for Portfolio Determination Portfolio
KONI Certificate profile determination – internal number assign. Conditions
KONN Conditions: Free goods Free goods
KONP Packing instructions determ. – Internal number assignment Conditions
KONR Derivation – internal no. assgmt Conditions:
KONV Number ranges for document conditions Document conditions
KPEP_WL_ID Worklist ID Worklist ID
KREDITOR Vendor Number Ranges Vendor
KURSTEXTE Long Texts to Exchange Rate Table BC230: EU II Wrd Pr.
LASP_OPID Number range object for Sequencing schedule records NRO for sched. rec.
LAYOUT WWS layout number ranges WWS layout
LBK_LGE Number Range intervals for Log Entry ID Log Entry ID
LBL_ID Number Range for Label ID Label ID
LBL_STATUS Number Range for Status Object ID Status Object ID
LBL_STMT Number Range for Label Statement Object Number Statement Object No.
LBL_USAGE Number Range Object for Label Usage Object Number Usage Object Number
LEISTUNG Cross-Application Service Master Service Master
LE_CHKI Number Range for Pass Within That of the Check-in Pass
LE_CI_CARD Number Range for Extended Pass Within That of Check-in Extended Pass
LE_HU Number Range for Creating and Changing Non-assigned HUs Packing Process
LE_HU_UMP Number Range for Proof of Repacking Processes in History Repacking Process
LE_SSCC Collection of Number Ranges for SSCC Generation SSCC Generation
LOP_MASTER Logistical Options Logistical Options
LOTNO Bundling Number Bundling Number
LSO_TPARTC Learning Solution: Participation Document Number LSO Partic. Document
LVS_IVNUM Number Ranges for Inventory Inventory
LVS_LBELN Document for Whse Inward Movement and Outward Movement Whse Document
LVS_LENUM Number Ranges for Storage Units Storage units
LVS_LQNUM Number Ranges for Quants Quant
LVS_RFNUM Number Range for Reference Numbers Reference Number
LVS_SNKOM Number Range for WM Communication Records Communication Record
LVS_TANUM Number Ranges for Transfer Order Transfer Order
LVS_TBNUM Number Ranges for Transfer Requirements Transfer requirement
LVS_UBNUM Number Ranges for Posting Changes Posting Changes
LXDCK_DCNM Cross-dock decision number Decision number
LXVAS_ORID Numbering range for LXVAS VAS order id LXVAS VAS order id
LXVAS_VOID Numbering range for LXVAS VAS order id LXVAS VAS order id
LY_ACTIVTY Yard activity Yard activity
LY_OBJCT Yard object Yard object
M340_ES Number Range Object for Modelo340 Spain Modelo 340
MASS Number of Application Log in Mass Maintenance Mass maintenance log
MASSJOBNUM purchasing mass job batch number mass job number
MATBELEG Number Range for Material and Phys. Inventory Document Material document
MATERIAL Material number on the database DB material number
MATERIALID Number Ranges for Product (Product Type Material) Prod. Type Material
MATERIALNR Material Master Number Ranges Material master
MATNR_VERS Material version numbers Version numbers
MAT_APPLOG External number for the application log Application log no.
MAT_MDM Material Master Number Range for MDM (ABA Environment) Material Master MDM
MCLI Number Ranges for Performance Measures Key Figures
MCLIN Number Ranges for Info Sets Info Sets in LIS
MCLIS Number range – object values LIS Planning object
MC_ERKO Event numbers Events
MC_SAUF SOP Orders SOP Orders
MDBP PP – Document Log Number Range PP – Document Log
MDGBPUNIT MDG Business Partner IDs for Test Data Container MDGBPUNIT
MDG_ADDR Temporary Address Numbers within MDG-Staging MDG Address Numbers
MDG_ADR Temporary address numbers in MDG Temporary address nr
MDG_BP Temporary Numbers for Business Partner in MDG Temporary BP number
MDG_BP_MA MDG: Business Partner Multiples assignment Multiples assignment
MDG_BS_MAT MDGM Material: Temporary ID MDGM Material
MDG_MDFSID FIN Master Data: SIDs FIN Master Data SIDs
MDSM Number range for simulative dependent requirements Sim.dependent reqmts
MDTB Number ranges for material requirements table MRP Table
MEREP_GSK SAP Mobile: Global sync key Global sync key
MEREP_M3 SAP Mobile: Unique run nubmer for mobile process execution SAP Mobile: Run #
MEREP_M4 ME Replica: Mobile ID ME Replica: MobileID
MEREP_PERS Person(Sample application) Person(Sample appl.)
MERKMAL Number Ranges for Characteristics Characteristics
MERKMAL2 Variable lists characteristics Characteristics
METHODE CAP – methods CAP – methods
ME_CONFID MI: Device Managment Number Range for Configuration Template MI:Config.Management
ME_DEVID MI: Device Management Number Range for Device Template MI:Device Management
ME_STAMM Dummy Dummy
MIETEINH Number range for rental unit per business entity Rental unit per BE
MIETVERTR Number range for lease-out number No. range. rent.aggr
ML-BELEG Number range: Material ledger document Material ledger doc.
MLST Number range object for milestones in the PS system Milestone
MPLA_NR Maintenance plan number Maintenance plan
MPOS_NR Number range object for the maintenance item Maintenance item
MSR_ID Advanced Returns Process ID Advanced Returns
NACH Number range for output conditions Output conditions
NASTSORTNR NAST: Number range for creating a sort number Sort no. for NAST
NA_OPT_ARC Archive number for optical archiving documents Archive number NAST
NCUS Number range for dimension  NCUS Number range  NCUS
NK_CMBASE Config. Management: Numbers for Baseline partial key Numbers for baseline
NK_CMFOLD Number range object for configuration folders Configuration folder
NK_CMTEXT Number range object for long text in Config. Management CM: Text key
NK_CM_PROD Number range for bus. admin. key in CM config. definition Configuration def.
NORG Number range for dimension  NORG Number range  NORG
NR_NKPRTN Partner number for costing Partner number
NT_FIAR Number range for dimension  NT_FIAR No. range  NT_FIAR
NU_FIAR Number range for dimension  NU_FIAR No. range  NU_FIAR
OBJK_NR Object list number Object list
OBJNR General object number Gen. object number
OFN_YR No. range obj. for Official document numbering based on year Official Numbering
OIA01 Number ranges for exchange agreement Exchange agreement
OIA08 LIA document number ranges (logical inventory) LIA document
OIA10H Number ranges for netting document Netting document
OIC_FORID Number ranges for formula ID (MAP) Formula ID
OIF_PBL Number ranges for physical business location MRN phys. bus.loc.
OIG_DRIVER Number ranges for driver (TD) TD driver
OIG_MASSPR Bulk shipment mass processing: error logs Shpm. mass process.
OIG_RACMET Number ranges for rack meter (TD) TD rack meter
OIG_S Number ranges for shipment document TD shipment doc.
OIG_TU Number ranges for transport unit TD transport unit
OIG_VEH Number ranges for vehicles (TD) TD vehicles
OIG_VEHMET Number ranges for vehicle meter TD vehicle meter
OIH01 Number ranges for internal licenses(TDP) Internal license
OIH30 Number ranges for 2-step transfer 2-step transfer
OIH_TAX_RV Number Ranges for Tax Revaluation Tax Revaluation
OII_METER Number range for general meter management (BDRP) General meter(BDRP)
OII_OTWS BDRP-OTWS: Internal set ID number BDRP-OTWS Set ID
OII_SOCSEG Number ranges for storage object segment (BDRP) BDRP St.ObjSegNrRnge
OIJNOM Number range for TSW internal nomination use TSW nomination
OIJPEG TSW: Pegging of document items TSW Pegging
OIJ_BER Number Range Object for BerthID Nr Range for BerthID
OIJ_EL_TKT TSW: Number range for tickets No. range for ticket
OIJ_NOMCOM Nomination Partner Communication ID Nom Communication ID
OIJ_SIM TSW: Simulation ID for What-If Nominations TSW: Sim ID
OIJ_TS TSW TS number range TSW TS number range
OIJ_VERS TSW: Version ID for nomination data TSW: Version ID
OIJ_WL Number range for TSW worklist item numbering TSW worklist item
OIK37 Number range object for OIK37 Number range OIK37
OIK_LID Number ranges for TAS Load IDs TAS Load IDs
OIO_CNTNR Oil and gas container number Container number
OIO_EXIDV Numbering for offshore supply automatic packing Package number
OIO_RTDOC Returns document Returns document
OIO_VOYAGE OLM Voyage number Voyage number
OIRALINKNR Number range for OIRADBT link numbers OIRADBT link number
OIRA_PRDOC SSR Print document Print document
OIRA_PRIDX SSR Print index number Print index
OIRC_PRCHG SSR Price change header document number (OIRCPRCHHEAD) SSR Price change hdr
OIRC_PRUPD SSR Pricing: Network and group update document number Pricing document
OIREDTF SSR DTF Number Ranges for PC Transactions SSR DTF Number Range
OIRERECON1 Reconciliation upload numbers Reconcil. upload
OIRERECON2 SSR PC Reconciliation Run Recon Run NRO
OIRESETLNR Settlement run number Settl run number
OIRH_CHSMG ClearingHouseSettlement Message Transmission(BUFFER allowed) CH Sttlmnt Trnsmssn
OIRIREFDOC Reference document number for billing documents created SSR VBELV refdoc
OIUBL01_HD Balancing Report Header System Number Bal Report Header No
OIUCWCKLOT Check Numbers in Check lot Check Numbers
OIUGT_INDX Graphical Tool OIUGT_INDX table key OIUGT_INDX Key
OIUHS_ESCH Escheat Data Escheat Data
OIUHS_PR_N PRA integration PR_NO PRA integration PR#
OIUHS_SEQA PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQB PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQC PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQD PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQE PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQF PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQG PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQH PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQI PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQJ PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQK PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQL PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQM PRA integration seq_no PRA integration seq
OIUHS_SEQN PRA integration seq_no PRA integration s
OIUHS_SYSA E&P integration sys_no E&P integration sys
OIUHS_SYSB E&P integration sys_no E&P integration sys
OIUHS_SYSC E&P integration sys_no E&P integration sys
OIUHS_SYSD E&P integration sys_no E&P integration sys
OIUHS_SYSE E&P integration sys_no E&P integration sys
OIUHS_SYSN E&P integration sys_no E&P integration sys
OIUH_BC_NO Batch Number Range Object Batch Number Range
OIUH_CT_NO Razorfish Contract Number Razorfish Contract #
OIUH_DUMMY OIUH Dummy Seq No. used in OIUH_Tables with no primary Index OIUH Dummy Seq Num
OIUH_JOB On-Demand Job ID’s On-Demand Job ID’s
OIUH_SEQ02 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table DEFAULT Premas – DEFAULT
OIUH_SEQ19 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSARCMT Premas – RVSARCMT
OIUH_SEQ20 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSATDH Premas – RVSATDH
OIUH_SEQ22 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSCRH Premas – RVSCRH
OIUH_SEQ24 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSGL Premas – RVSGL
OIUH_SEQ25 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSMRC Premas – RVSMRC
OIUH_SEQ26 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSNDH Premas – RVSNDH
OIUH_SEQ28 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSPDX Premas – RVSPDX
OIUH_SEQ29 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSRB Premas – RVSRB
OIUH_SEQ30 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSRBRE Premas – RVSRBRE
OIUH_SEQ35 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSRTDE Premas – RVSRTDE
OIUH_SEQ36 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSSEV Premas – RVSSEV
OIUH_SEQ39 Breakup of table OIUH_CM_SN_NR – Premas Table RVSWYTH Premas – RVSWYTH
OIUOW_PUNO Property Use Control PUC number
OIUOW_RQDC PRA Request Document Number PRA Request
OIUPR01_DN Delivery Network Delivery Network
OIUPR01_FL Field Field
OIUPR01_MP Measurement Point Measurement Point
OIUPR01_PF Platform Platform
OIUPR01_RS Reservoir Reservoir
OIUPR01_WL Well Well
OIUREPSYS Sys No. for backup Records Sys No. for backup
OIUREP_001 MMS-2014 – Payor / Entity XRef Record Number MMS-2014 – Payor Rec
OIUREP_002 MMS-2014 – Lease Record Number MMS-2014 – Lease Rec
OIUREP_003 MMS-2014:  Payor / Entity XRef PPA Record Number MMS-2014:  Payor PPA
OIUREP_004 MMS-2014:  Lease PPA Record Number MMS-2014 – Lease PPA
OIUREP_DOC MMS-2014:  Document ID MMS-2014:  Doc ID
OIUREP_REG Regulatory Reporting Run Number Reg.Report.Run No
OIUT2_CID Outbound Processing Connection ID Connection ID
OIUX1_RPTH New Tax Reproting Framework : Tax reporting history Tax rpt history
OIUX1_TRNH New Tax Framework:  Tax Transaction Header Tax Trans Header
OIUX3_RUN Tax Reporting Run ID Tax Reporting Run ID
OIUX3_TXA Texas Auto Suspend Criteria Number TexasASU Criteria #
OIUX3_TXE Texas Statute of Limitation Exception Number Texas SOL Exception#
OIUX3_TXS Texas Statute of Limitation Criteria Number Texas SOL Criteria #
OIUX3_TXW Texas OOS Write Off Number Texas OOS Write Off
OIUX4_SYS TP Recon System Number TP Recon System No
OIUX5_CHDO Oklahoma Tax History Change Document Key OK Tax History CHDO
OIUX5_OKA Oklahoma Auto Suspend Criteria Number OK ASU Criteria #
OIUX5_OKE Oklahoma Statute of Limitation Exception Number OK SOL Exception No
OIUX5_OKS Oklahoma Statute of Limitation Criteria Num OK SOL Criteria #
OIUX5_OOSW Out of Statute Write Off OOS Write Off
OIUX6_CHDO Wyoming Tax History Change Document Key WY Tax History CHDO
OIUX6_OOSW Out of Statute Write Off OOS Write Off
OIUX6_WYA Wyoming Auto Suspend Criteria Number WY ASU Criteria #
OIUX6_WYE Wyoming Statute of Limitation Exception Number WY SOL Exception No
OIUX6_WYS Wyoming Statute of Limitation Criteria WY SOL Criteria #
OIUX8_CHDO NM Tax History Change Document Key NM Tax History CHDO
OIUX8_NMA NM Auto Suspend Criteria Number NM ASU Criteria #
OIUX8_NME NM Statute of Limitation Exception Number NM SOL Exception No
OIUX8_NMS NM Statute of Limitation Criteria Number NM SOL Criteria #
OIUX8_OOSW Out of Statute Write Off OOS Write Off
OIUXI_CID Outbound Processing Connection ID Connection ID
OIUY3_CHDO Texas GLO Roy History Change Document Key TX GLO Roy Hist CHDO
OIUY3_OOSW Out of Statute Writ OOS Write Off
OIUY3_TXA Texas GLO Auto Suspend Criteria Numb TXGLO ASU Criteria #
OIUY3_TXE Texas GLO Statute of Limitation Exception Number TX GLO SOL Except No
OIUY3_TXS Texas GLO Statute of Limitation Criteria Number TXGLO SOL Criteria #
OIUY6_CHDO Wyoming Roy History Change Document Key WY Roy History CHDO
OIUY6_OOSW Out of Statute Write Off OOS Write Off
OIUY6_WYA Wyoming Auto Suspend Criteria Number WY ASU Criteria #
OIUY6_WYE Wyoming Statute of Limitation Exception Numbe WY SOL Exception No
OIUY6_WYS Wyoming Statute of Limitation Cri WY SOL Criteria #
OIU_BA_NUM Business Associate Numbers Business Associate
OIU_DOCNR PRA Volumes Document Numbers PRA Volumes
OIU_DOCNUM PRA Valuation Document Numbers PRA Valuation
OIU_MEDOC Measurement document Measurement document
OIU_MEOBJ Measurement object (Probably obsolete,.not in IMG 09/2004 KH Measurement object
OIU_PBA Product Balancing Agreement PBA
OIU_SCLNUM scale reference number scale reference no.
OIU_SYS_NO System Numbers used in PRA System numbers PRA
OIU_VL_NEW VL System numbers used in PRA System numbers PRA
OMKEYS Key assignment for column names and array types Key assignment
ORA_SNAPSH Oracle monitor: snapshot ID *** OBSOLETE Ora snp. ID OBSOLETE
P08P_TPS TPS Run number TPS Run number
P08_HESA HESA: Interface Run Number HESA: Interface Run
P08_USSC USS Interface Control File P08_USSC
P12CICIPID Complementary Indemnity: Number Range for the CIPID Number Range CIPID
PA0887 Garnishment ID Garnishment
PABHD JIT call number range JIT call
PARTNER Number ranges for contacts Partner
PAR_ID ProductAvailabilityRequirement PAR
PBDN Planned independent requirements number ranges Plan.indep.req.
PBED Number ranges for independent requirement values Indep. reqmt values
PBID Number range for plnd ind. reqts at MRP areas PIR: MRP area
PCAMPAIGN Production campaign number range object Production campaign
PCPA_PATNR Assigns a partner number to given organizational units Partner number
PDF_FORMS SN for names of pdf forms SN for PDF names
PD_SEQ_NR Number Range for Time Events and Plant Data Time Events
PFDBDUPL Identifier for Duplicate TIDs in ALPERFDB Performance Database
PIC_MRPGR Number Range Object: MRPGR (MRP Set) MRP Set Number Range
PIC_PICNUM Parts InterChangeability Group Number PIC Group Number
PIQ_AN_GRP Group ID for Grouped Applications Application Group ID
PIQ_ETEMPL ID of Business Event Template Template ID
PIQ_GB_UCN UCAS student number (Campus Management Great Britain) UCAS student number
PIQ_MATR Student Numbers (Campus Management) Student Number
PIQ_REQ Rule Modules/Subrequirements Rule Modules
PKHD Control cycle header Control cycle header
PKKEY Kanban ID Number Kanban ID Number
PLAF Number Ranges for Planned Orders Planned order
PME_CLASS Number Range Object for 00 Classes in the PME 00 Classes
PME_CNT Control in the PME Control in the PME
PME_CSTIC Number Range Object for Characteristics in the PME Characteristics
PME_DEP Number Range for Relationships in the PME PME Relationship
PME_KB Number Range Object for PME KBs in Product/Category Maint. PME Knowledge Base
PPCACT Production Backflush: Numbers for Backflushed Activities Activity Backflush
PPCCOMAT Maximum Bill of Material of Backflushed Materials (for CO) Material Backflush
PPCMAT New backflush: Table key MATID or ACCID Material Backflush
PPCSTEP New PPCGO Logic (Goods Movements in 2 Steps) New PPCGO Logic 2St.
PPE_EXTR Number Range Object for Extraction of iPPE Structure No. Range for Extr.
PPE_LUIPDV Automatic Name Assignment in iPPE Workbench Express Extern. Names in LUI
PPFCONDGEN Numbers for Generated Conditions in PPF Condition Numbers
PPM_JOB_NR Job Number for QS Formats JOB No. for QS
PPM_QS01 Number Range QS01 Number Range QS01
PPM_QS02 Number Range QS02 Number Range QS02
PPM_QS03 Number Range QS03 Number Range QS03
PPM_QS04 Number Range QS04 Number Range QS04
PPM_QS05 Number Range QS05 Number Range QS05
PPM_QS06 Number Range QS06 Number Range QS06
PPM_QS07 Number Range QS07 Number Range QS07
PPM_QS08 Number Range QS08 Number Range QS08
PPM_QS09 Number Range QS09 Number Range QS09
PRDDIFFBSP Identifier for Differentiation Key in the PC-UI Diff. Key BSP ID
PRD_BSP_ID Identifer for Product-Specific Customer Set Types in PC-UI Product BSP ID
PRICAT_LOG PRICAT Application Log PRICAT Applicat. Log
PRICAT_MAT Assign PRICAT mat. no. internally if not determined PRICAT mat. no. int.
PRICAT_NR PRICAT catalog number (assigned internally) PRICAT catlg number
PROF_VARIS Profile generator: Name of the variant profiles Variant profiles
PROJ Number Range for Project Definition Project definition
PROJS Number range Proj. definition Standard proj. structure plan Proj.def. Stand. PSP
PROP Number Ranges for Forecast Parameter Forecast Parameters
PROT_NR Log Number for Parallel Transfer Log Number
PROW Number Ranges for Forecast Values Forecast values
PRPS Number Range for WBS Elements WBS elements
PRPSS Number range for PSP elements Standard proj. structure plan WBS elem. Stand.WBS
PSJGENREP Current number of the reports generated by LDB PSJ Reports gen. by PSJ
PSOOB Object (Local Authorities) Object (Local Auth.)
PSTX Number range for PMS text catalog PSTX – Number range
PTDW Key allocation for transferred time data Time data
PTM_DOCNR Number range for person time document number Pers. time doc. no.
PTM_QUONR Number range for person time quotas Quota doc. no.
PT_FMLAN Number Range for FMLA Requests FMLA Request DocNo.
PT_FMLDOCN Number Range for FMLA Document Number FMLA Document Number
PVS_PNAME Internal Allocation of iPPE Node Name Int. Allocation Name
PZPE Measuring point message line item Reporting point doc.
QCERT_PUR Certificate Receipt in Procurement Certificate Receipt
QCONTROLCH Quality control chart Control chart
QLOSE QM inspection lot QM inspection lot
QMEL_NR Number range – message Notificat. no. range
QMERK Confirmation number Confirmation number
QMERKMALE Master – inspection characteristics in QSS QSS: Inspection char
QMERKRUECK Confirmation no. of Inspection Char. in QM Results Processg Confirmation No.Char
QMETHODEN QM test methods QM test methods
QPCP Control Plan Control Plan
QPNNR This No. Documents the Withdrawal of Physical Samples Sample-Drawing No.
QPROBEN Number range for physical samples Sample numbers
QPVP_ID Number range object for Char. ID – QM Visual Planning QPVP_ID
QPZNR This no. documents the withdrawal of physical samples Sample drawing no.
QUOTIERUNG Number Ranges for Quota Arrangements (Purchasing) Quota arrangement
RCF_MSG Number Range for Recruitment Factory Messages RCF Messages
RDBN_RECNR Results Database: Number for Single Records RDB: Single rec. no.
RECALOG RE: External Log Numbers (Appl. Log) RE: Ext. Log. No.
RECARECUR Recurrence Rule in Real Estate Management (RE-FX) Recurrence Rule
REITTC Correction Object Correction Object
RELMPECS Contamination/Non-Haz.Waste in Real Estate Management(RE-FX) RE: Contam./NH Waste
RELMPEPS Site Protection in Real Estate Management (RE-FX) RE: Site Protection
REMMHB ID of a House Bank (RE-FX) RE: House Bank No.
REMMMN Mandate Number in Real Estate Management (RE-FX) RE: Mandate Number
REORMP Move Plan in Real Estate Management (RE-FX) RE: Move Plan
REOROF Contract Offer in Real Estate Management (RE-FX) RE: Contract Offer
REOROO Offered Object in Real Estate Management (RE-FX) RE: Offered Object
REORRR RE Search Request in Real Estate Management (RE-FX) RE: Search Request
REORRS Reservation in Real Estate Management RE: Reservation
REPORT_ID Report ID for the info catalog in the Session Manager Draw report ID
RERAINV Invoice Number in Real Estate Management (RE-FX) RE: Invoice Number
RESB Number ranges for material reservation/depend. requirements MRES/DREQ
REXCESM180 Voucher Number for Modelo 180 Real Estate Spain REXCESM180
REXCFR RE-FX FR: Process Counter Process Counter
REXCIT RE-FX IT: Process Counter Process Counter
REXCMSCE RE: MS – Schema Item – Assignment to Cost Element (RE-FX) RE: MS – Cost Elem.
RE_BELEG Decentral invoice verification document Update document
RE_INVOICE Invoice number: Real estate management RE invoice number
RFK_BELEG Number Ranges for Consolidation Documents Consolidation Docmnt
RF_BELEG Number Ranges For Accounting Documents Accounting document
RF_CERTIFY Withholding Tax Certificates (Chile) Certificates
RKC_LFDID ID Hierarchy nodes in report book ID Hierarchy nodes
RKC_RECNR Record number in SAP-EIS Record number
RKC_WINID Nummer range – page number in report book Window ID
RKEBW_TNS BW-CO-PA: Query Transfer Number BW/CO-PA TransferNo.
RKE_BELEG Accounting Document Accounting Document
RK_BELEG Number Ranges for CO Document CO Document
RLMFW_RO Release Order Number Release Order
RMA_REV_NR Revaluation run number Revaluation run no.
RMPSDIPTID Run Number of Disposal Portion Disposal Portion
RMPSDOCNR Document Number in Records Management Public Sector Document Number
RMS_CHSTCN Change State Counter for Process Parameters Change State Counter
RMS_EQR Number Range for Equipment Requirement Management EquipReq. Management
RMS_POB Number Range for Process Management Process Management
RMS_PPV_ID Process Parameter Value Assignment in Recipe Management ProcParam. Val. Ass.
RMS_RCP Number Range for Recipe Management Recipe Management
RM_RIDBSTD RM: No. Range for Internal ID of Position for Risk Objects RM: Int. ID Pos. RO
RM_RIDXRT RM: Number Range for Internal ID of Extended Risk Object RM: Int. ID Ext. RO
RM_SIMLFNR RM: No. Range for Internal Number of Simulation Run RM: Int. No. Sim.Run
RODSAPPL ID for Application Components ID for Application
ROEXSTRU Extract Structure Generation Extract Struct.
ROEXSTRUV BW Extract Structure Versions BW Struct. Versions
ROUTING_0 Number range for standard network – number
ROUTING_2 Number ranges for master recipe Master recipe
ROUTING_3 Draft planning profile number range Rough-cut plng.prfl.
ROUTING_A General maintenance task list Gen.maint.task list
ROUTING_E PM Task list type: Equipment task list Equipment task list
ROUTING_M Ref. rate routing Ref. rate routing
ROUTING_N Number ranges for routings Routings
ROUTING_Q Number ranges for inspection plans Inspection plans
ROUTING_R Rate routing Rate routing
ROUTING_S Number ranges for reference operation sets Ref. operation set
ROUTING_T TL Type Funct.location task list   PM Funct.loc.task list
RP_ADPFLNO ADP Interface: Number range for the ADP file number ADP file number
RP_CBSID Transmission File unique ID number Unique Id
RP_D_DEUEV Number range for DEUEV notifications using EDI with funds HR DEUEV Using EDI
RP_D_DFUE Number Range for HR EDI with Health Insurance Funds HR EDI with Funds
RP_GARNREM HR vendor for garnishment remittance Garnishment remitt.
RP_GARNSUB Define vendor subgroup for individual remittance Vendor subgroup
RP_IRCERT New Zealand IR Certificate Number range intervals NZ IR Certif.
RP_PAPL Number Ranges for Applicant Administration Applicant Admin.
RP_PLAN Number Ranges for Personnel Planning Personnel Planning
RP_PREL Personnel Administration number ranges Human resources
RP_REINR Number ranges for trip numbers Trip number
RP_REMIT Transfer administration number range Transfer admin.
RP_REMIT1 Remittance originator Remittance key
RP_ROE ROE evaluation run id ROE evaluation runid
RP_T549D Accounting Document Accounting Document
RP_TAXDATE Identifier for Paydates of Taxes Paydates for Tax
RP_TEMSE Number range for HR Temse objects HR Temse objects
RP_TRCRLNR Control number – Tax reporter Control number
RP_TRFRMNR Form number – Tax reporter US Form number
RP_TRLOGNR Tax Reporter Log Number generator. Tax Reporter Log N.
RP_TRTMSNR Number range for Tax Reporter Temse Objects Tax Reporter Temse
RQHD Number range for requirements totals record Req. totals record
RRHISIDRNG Start for SID Assignment for Time-Dependent Hier. Structure Start for SID Assign
RSARCHOBJC Archiving Objects for InfoCubes Arch. Obj. InfoCube
RSARCHOBJO Archiving Objects for ODS Objects Arch.Obj. ODS-Objekt
RSDDAGCUBE Name assigment for aggregate Cube Aggregate Cube name
RSDRH_07 Number Range Object for BW View Names on Hierachy Results BW Hierarchies
RSOSPSETNM OSP number range Object for BW setting name BW setting name NR
RSOSPTSKNM OSP number range Object for BW Task name in Report execution BW Task Name NR
RSSAUTHTC BW transaction code of auth. objects for reporting BW TrCode aut.f.Rep.
RSSBRAUTH BW Authorizations for Reporting BW Reporting
RSSDK Number range RSSDK / special scenarios Number range RSSDK
RS_OBJNUMG Number for creating unique number range names in BW Number range names
RTP_PLAN Number range for a retirement plan number Retirement plan numb
RV_AKKRED FT: Documentary payments: Number range for fin.doc.master FT: Doc. payments
RV_BELEG Number ranges for SD documents SD Documents
RV_EXPORT FT: Legal control: Number range for license master FT: Legal control
RV_SAMMG Number ranges for groups of sales and distribution documents Collect.processing
RV_SANCPL FT: Legal control: Number range for sanct. party master FT: Legal ctrl: SL
RV_SET SET Number Ranges for Sales Documents SET Sales Documents
RV_SNKOM Communication nos. for complete confirms. from decentral R/3 Communication dec.
RV_TRANSPO Shipment Number Range Shipments
RV_VEKP Number Ranges for Shipping Units Shipping Units
SAFK Number ranges for run schedules Run Schedule Header
SAGENID Number Assignment for New Travel Agencies Agency
SAPKMCNT KM: Tranport of Knowledge Workbench Contents KM: Transport
SAPKMCNTL KM: Transport of Knowledge Workbench Contents (LOIOs + Str) KM: Transport (LOIO)
SAP_CHARCR Number range for namespaces of classes for EHS Charact. reservation
SAP_CLASSR Number range for namespaces of classes for EHS Class reservation
SBOOKID Flight data model booking number assignment (SBOOK) Booking number
SBUSPID Number Assignment for New Business Partners Business Partner
SCMGCASEID External Case Key Case Key
SCOUNID Flight data model: Counter assignments Counter number
SCSM_RECS UID for CSMNUDATA Records of Central CCMS Rec. for Centr. CCMS
SDEMO_BP ext. key of the business partner Business partner ID
SDEMO_PO ext. key of purchase order (NW Demo) Purchase order ID
SDEMO_SO ext. key of sales order (NW Demo) Sales order ID
SDS_ID Download Service aRFC task ID SDS_ID
SD_FAPLAN Billing plan number range Billing plan
SD_FRACHT Number Range for Shipment Costs Shipment Costs
SD_PICKING Picking orders/lists Pick Order
SD_SCALE Number ranges for scales Scales
SD_SCD_DUL Shipment costs: Worklist Shipment worklist
SD_VT04 Log numbers for collective processing: Transports (VT04) Collect. proc. trans
SEC_AUDIT File sequence number of the SQL Audit files File no.of SQL Audit
SEFS_OBJTY Generated Object Type Number for File Search SEFS_OBJECT_TYPE
SEPA_MNDID SEPA Mandate Reference number ranges SEPA Mandate Refer
SEPM Number Range for EPM Objects EPM Number Range
SEPMH_CEI Number Range for EPM HANA CIE Objects EPM Number Range
SEPMH_IOT EPMH DG: IOT Scenario for Number Range Object EPMH IOT Scenario
SEPMH_SEED Seed values for random number generators Seed for random nums
SEPM_PR Number range for EPM Purchase Requisition BO SEPM_PR
SERVICE Internal Number for Service Packages Service Package
SERVICE3 Entry Sheet Number in MM External Services Management Entry sheet
SERVICEID Number Ranges for Product (Product Type Service) Product Type Service
SESSION_ID ID for the session in the Internet Session Manager Session Manager ID
SFLTRIPID Flight Trip Number Flight Trip Number
SGFSASPECT Number Range Object Number Range Object
SGFSQUETAB Generic Fast Search Protocol Table GFS Protocol Table
SGFSTASKNO Task Number Task Number
SGFSTRGNAM Generic Fast Search Trigger Procedure Name Trigger Name
SGT_RNUM Segmentation Value Storage Record Number Record Number
SHE_ACTN PP-SHE: system-assigned change status counter PP-SHE: Ch.stat.ctr.
SHE_PHRID PP-SHE: system-assigned phrase key (PHRID) PP-SHE: Phrase ID
SHE_RECN PP-SHE: system-assigned record number PP-SHE: record no.
SHE_SUBID PP-SHE: system-assigned material key (SUBID) PP-SHE: material key
SIGNATURE Digital Signature Digital Signature
SINFOSSEL Accounting Document Number range
SIWBFNAMES KEN: GUID Map for Mapping GUIDs on File Names KEN: GUID Map
SIWBTRANSP IWB: Numbers for command files IWB: Transport
SLAW_DTSET Number Range for LAW Dataset LAW Dataset
SLAW_SYST Number range for LAW systems LAW System
SL_EVALU SL Parallel Valuation SL Parallel Valuatn
SMARTFORMS SAP Smart Forms Number Range SAP Smart Forms
SO_OBJECT SAPoffice: Office object number range objects SAPoffice: Objects
SO_OBJ_ADR SAPoffice: Number range object for object SAPoffice: Object
SO_OBJ_ALI SAPoffice: Number range object for object SAPoffice: Object
SO_OBJ_APL Number range for table SOMG: Linked application object SOMG key
SO_OBJ_EXT SAPoffice: Number range object for object SAPoffice: Object
SO_OBJ_FOL SAPoffice: Number range object for object SAPoffice: object
SO_OBJ_MSG Number range for table SOMG: Persistence of MESSAGE SOMG key
SO_OBJ_RAW SAPoffice: Number range object for object SAPoffice: object
SO_OBJ_RCP Number range for table SOMG: Persistence of RECIPIENT SOMG key
SO_OBJ_ROL SO: Role Sequential Number SO: Role Seq. Number
SO_OBJ_SCR SAPoffice: Number range object for object SAPoffice: Object
SO_OBJ_USR SAPoffice: Number range object for object SAPoffice: object
SPEC_LTXT Specification System Specification System
SPHDFGRPNO Sequential number for deflect group numbers (internal procg) Deflect group number
SPHDFLCTNO Sequential number for deflect numbers for internal procg Deflect numbers
SPHEXTGRNO Sequential Number for Extension Groups Numbers Extension Groups No.
SPHTERMNO Terminal number for internal processing Int. terminal no.
SPI_VARANT PMI: Variant Names PMI Variants
SPI_VARIAN PMI: Variant Names PMI Variants
SPO_LOCNUM Print job IDs for local printing Print job IDs
SPO_NUM Nummer range for spooler numbers Spooler numbers
SRMDPDPID Circular ID Circular
SRMWFPATH Workflow Process Route Process Route
SRM_CONT SRM Contacts SRM Contacts
SRS_GM Number of Del. Goods Movement Using MDE Number PDC Goodsmvt
SRT_TSK SOAP Runtime: Pending Tasks SRT Task ID
STAVER Standard Distribution Number Ranges Std. distribution
STUE Number range BOMs Number ranges
STUEC Number ranges for class BOM Class BOM
STUED Number ranges for documents BOMs Document Structure
STUEE Number ranges for equipment BOMs Equipment BOM
STUEK Number ranges for sales order BOMs Sales order BOM
STUEM Number ranges for material bills of material Material BOM
STUEP Number ranges for WBS BOMs WBS BOM
STUES Standard object list number range Standard BOM
STUET Number ranges for funct.location BOMs FunctLoc. BOM
SUMM Number Ranges for Total Requirments Total Requirements
SUR_DOC Web Survey Documents Web Survey Documents
SWD_WDID Workflow: Number Range Object: Workflow Definition (in Workflow Def. ID
SWD_WFDID Workflow: Nummer Range Object: Workflow Definition Workflow Def. ID
SWE_EVTID Events Events
SWE_EVTLOG Event Trace ID Event Trace ID
SWT_CONTXT Workflow trace context ID WF trace context
SWT_HANDLE Workflow trace handle WF trace handle
SWW_WIID Work item ID Work Item
SYSALERT System Alert System Alert
SZTZUTILAN Utilities for analysis projects Utilities analysis
S_SCHEDULE Schedule Number Schedule Number
TABLEPRINT Numbers for the function module TABLE_PRINT No. for table print
TBLP Transfer/Borrow-loan-payback log table object number range TBLP log object no.
TCKVP Number range for characteristic groups Characteristic grps
TECHS Number range: Effectivity object Effectivity object
TECHS_OBJ Number range for technical status (table field: TECHS) Technical status
TEMN_EXPOS Number Range Exposure ID for Exposure Management Exposure ID
TER_NKO Number Range Object for Executable Rights (Treasury) Executable Rights
TEST1 Test case 1 Test case 1 x
TEST2 Test case 2 Test case 2
TEST4 Test case 4 Test case 4
TEST5 Test case 5 Test case 5
TEST6 Test case 6 Test case 6
TEST7 Test case 7 Test case 7
TEST8 Test case 8 Test case 8
TEST_UNICO Test for Transport R3TR NROB Test for transport
THM_HEDGE Hedge  number range Hedge number range
THM_HR Hedging relationship composite key Hedging rel.  key
THM_PLAN Hedge plan number range Hedge plan
THM_TRANS Hedge management transaction HM:  Transaction
TH_NUM_001 Number range buffer test object Test Object
TH_NUM_002 Number range buffer test object Test Object
TH_NUM_003 Number range buffer test object Test Object
TKM_NKO Number Range Object for Executed Corporate Actions Corporate Actions
TMASOLALOG TMAS Object List Analysis Log Id Log ID
TMAS_DOCID TM Analysis Service Document ID Document ID
TMAS_JOBID TM Analysis Service Job ID Job ID
TPLNR Functional location for active alternative labels Functional location
TPLVP Number range for planning profile Planning profile
TPMN_DEDO1 Internal document no. for derivatives document der.doc.
TPMN_DEDO2 External document number for derivatives document der.doc.
TPMN_RECON Treasury: Comparison Entity Number Comp. Entity Number
TPMN_TRAC1 Treasury Accounting Adaptor: Number Range for AWREF Numbers TRAC: AWREF Numbers
TPMN_TRAC2 Treasury Accounting Adaptor: Numbers for Reference Key TRAC: AWREF Numbers
TPMN_TRD1 Distributor: Temporary Numbers for Provisional Key TRD: Temp. Numbers
TPMN_TRPR Treasury Payment Requests: Payment Reference Key TRPR: Payment Ref.
TPMN_TRS T9 Number: Generated in Function OBJECT_NUMBER_GET_T9 TRS: T9 Number
TRACK Tracking Numbers Tracking Numbers
TRACKN Rotating Number Range XSI: Rotating
TRACKS Tracking Number (not rolling) w/ Sub-obj. Exp. Dlv Company Non-rolling Number
TRACKSR Tracking Number (rolling) with Sub-obj. Exp. Dlv. Company Rolling Number
TRBORDRO Transaction Records Transaction Record
TRIAL Number Range for Trial Management Trial
TRMNO_INT EDI Internal Transfer Number Transfer Number
TRM_MSGSEQ Number Ranges for TRM message TRM msg. sequence
TRM_REQEST Number Ranges for TRM Request TRM Request
TRM_RSRC Number Ranges for TRM Resource TRM Resource
TRM_TASK Number Ranges for TRM Task TRM Task
TRO TRO : transfer of Ownership number range object TRO
TSKWS SOAP RT Configuration Using Registry: Task Sequence SRT Task Sequence
TSTREAMID Time stream identification Time stream ID
TT123 wefewrf werfewr
TXW_SN_MD DART: Customer Segments Master Data (300000 – 499999) Master Data
TXW_SN_TD DART: Customer Segments Transaction Data (100000-299999) Transaction Data
UAANNOTATN Annotation Costing Solutions (Number Range Object) Annotation Cost. Sol
UACR001 Costing Run Number Assignment Costing Run
UAELEMENT Number Assignment Costing Platform Costing Platform
UAELEMENT2 Number Assignment Costing Platform Costing Platform
UAINV_DCR Prima Nota for Material Debit/Credit Material Dr/Cr
UAINV_GRIR Prima Nota for GR/IR Clearing GR/IR Clearing
UAINV_OVH Source Document for Overhead Calculation Overhead Calculation
UAINV_REV Source Document for Revaluation Revaluation
UAINV_WIP Source Document for WIP Clearing WIP Clearing
UBC_INVOIC Internal Invoice/Bill Number Int. Bill Number
UBC_SAPFI ID Batch Input Session ID Batch Input Sess.
UCFV_SEL SEM-BCS: Validation: Selection Conditions SEM-BCS: Val: Sel.C.
UC_COINR Activity Numbers for Consolidation of Investments C/I Activity No’s
UC_DOCNR Number Range of Consolidation Document Consolidation Docmnt
UFBUSAREA Enterprise area Enterprise area
UFCOMFID Communication link Communication link
UFEORGTYP Company organizational unit Company org. unit
UFEVENT Event Event
UFFCTR Application area Application area
UFFILTER Filter Filter
UFFUNCTION Function Function
UFGROUP Group Group
UFINF Information flow Information flow
UFLINE Edge Edge
UFMESSFLID ALE message flow ALE message flow
UFMESSID ALE message ALE message
UFNODE Nodes Nodes
UFOBJECT Modeling object Modeling object
UFSCENARIO Scenario Scenario
UFSELID Choose Choose
UFSORGTYP Object type Object type
UGMD_SCDT Customizing Comparison Run Comparison Run
UGMD_SID FIN Master Data: SIDs FIN Master Data SIDs
UISS_CODOC CO Adjustment Posting Document Number CO Document Number
UISS_FIDOC FI General Accounting Document Number FI Document Number
UISS_INTOR Number Range for Internal Order Internal Order
UK_FOTV Transaction id for UK Transaction id(UK)
UPS_NAME ALE Distribution Unit: External ALE Unit: Ext. No.
UPS_NUMB ALE Distribution Unit: Internal N ALE Unit: Int. No.
UR_CHGNR Number for Realignment Run/Realignment Request Request Number
UR_MAINT Run and Request Numbers for the Realigner Realigner Run No.
UR_OBJECT Realigner Object Number Realigner Obj. No.
USEDBY Item ID for Where-Used List Item ID
USMD_CREQ Change Requests Change Request
USMD_CRIDX Change Request Index (temp index for internal use) Change Request Index
VB_CP_CONN EBR: Index of Shadow Table for Link to Archive Link to Archive
VB_CP_DVS Batch record: Number range for document number DMS key
VB_CP_MCHP Batch record: Number range object MCHP-EBRID MCHP-EBRID
VB_CP_TEXT Long Text ID for Batch Record Version Long Txt EBR Version
VERFAHREN CAPP Processes CAPP Processes
VERGLWOHN Number range FVVI: Comparative appartment, external group Compar.apartment
VHUMI_BER Staging Data for Material Identification Mat. Staging Data
VHU_ACCT Account number for returnable packaging RP account number
VHU_ACPO Posting number for returnable packaging account postings Account posting no.
VHU_ACST Statement number for returnable packaging account Account Statement
VHU_CPGRP Internal Number of Matching Group in RP Account Matching Matching group
VHU_PINST External ID for Packing Instructions Packing Instruction
VHU_PSHP Internal number of partner relationship for RP accounts Partner relationship
VHU_PSHPA Counter for relationship assignment to RP acct (no buffer) Relationship assmt
VHU_REPROC Internal Number of Reprocessing Record Reprocessing Record
VKP_KABE Sales Price Calculations: Pricing Document VKP calc. doc.
VKP_USEG Retail Revaluation Document Rtl Revaluation Doc.
VKP_WELK Competitor: Price Entry Competitor Pr. Entry
VLC_CH_01 VELO : Internal Vehicle Number VELO : Vehicle No.
VLC_CP_01 Internal Key for Determining Configuration Change Profile Internal Key
VLC_CR_01 VELO : Internal Key for Action Control Determination VELO : Internal Key
VLC_POS_01 VELO : Item Field in the Vehicle File Item
VMS_VHL Number range object for customizable numbering of vehicles VMS number range
VPK_DOC_ID Sales pricing document number
VSAUFK Internal order number for version orders (PS simul.) Internal order no.
VSC_ITEM Number Range for Scheduling Documents Scheduling Documents
VSC_POS Number Range for Scheduling Items Scheduling Item
VSHIST Counter for acquisition history (simulation versions) Counter vers. hist.
VSHIST_ZHL Counter for acquisition history (simulation versions) Counter vers. hist.
VZNO Number range object of the interest calculation in PS No. range obj. int.
WB2B Number range for trading contracts Trading contract
WCB_CC Number Ranges for Condition Contracts Condition Contract
WCNLINEUP Number Allocation for Lineups Lineups
WCNTGNR Number Assignment for Tags Tag
WCNWAP Number Assignment for Work Approvals Work Approval
WCNWAPI Number Assignment for Applications Application
WCNWCDOC Number Assignment for Work Clearance Documents WC Document
WFPROCESS Workflow: Number range object: Process number Process number
WFWFACTORS Forecast weighting factors (Retail: Replenishment) Forecast weighting
WIRTSEINH Number range for business entity Business entity
WITH_CTNO Numbering object for withholding tax certificates With. tax. certs
WITH_CTNO1 Numbering object for withholding tax certificates With. tax. certs.
WMATGRP_NC Number Range: Article Hierarchy Material Hierarchy
WPS_REV internal number range for Revision out of MEB-Browser intern. Revision no.
WRF_DEPST Number for Conversion to a Department Store or Shop Number Pre-Site Number
WRF_DISNR Worklist Number in Fashion Discontinuation Worklist Number
WRF_DL_ID Identifier for Date Lines in PO Controlling Date Lines ID
WRF_PLIDNR Purchasing List Number PL Number
WRF_POL_ID Number Ranges for Order List Items Order List No.
WRF_PPWPPD Price Planning Document Price Planning Doc.
WRF_PRGRP Number of Price Group in Internal Number Assignment Price Group Number
WRF_REF Number Range for Reference Modules Module Number
WRF_SUBMI Number Range for Collective Number Collective Number
WRF_TRF Number for OTB Transfer Process OTB Transfer
WRMA_LINHD Change Run Number of Last Date of Physical Inventory Last Inv.Date Change
WSD_KW Keyword definition used in Enhanced Material Search Keyword definition
WSORT Sortimente / Listung WWS IS-R Assortments
WSORTIMENT Assortment Assortment
WSTNPLANNR Prepack allocation planning number PP Alloc plan number
WTRA_LOGNR Number Range for Log Number in WTRA Runtime Analysis Number Range for Log
WTY_CLAIM Warranty Claim Warranty Claim
W_AKTION retail promotion offer number Offer numbers
W_APPT Appointments Appointments
W_BOHANDLE Number range: Log book: Autom. purc.-order based load build. Log book load build.
W_CTLGCODE Product catalog code Catalog code
W_CWB Complaints Workbench Agency Business Complaints WB AB
W_DOWNLOAD Numbers which identify downloads to subsidiaries Download Number
W_EREIGNIS Number ranges for markdown planning Markdown planning
W_LFAKTURA Number Range for Agency Documents Agency Documents
W_PARTNER Waste management business partner BP Waste Management
W_RPLID Identification number for the replenishment run Replenish. run ID
W_SUBMI NUmber range: Collect. purch. no. for opt. load building Collect. purch. doc.
W_UPLOAD_P Upload update number Upload update number
W_WALNR Interal Number of WALE-WALNR (Promotion) Int. no. WALE-WALNR
W_WKKALK Market-Basket Price Calculation: Pricing Document MB Price Calculation

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