Discounts in Convergent Invoicing

light111Discounts in CI(FICA- Convergent Invoicing)

In CI discounts/Charges can be applied when CI billing/invoicing is done. The post describes the settings and the how the discount is performed in convergent invoicing.

For the BIT class, the interface component ‘Basic data for Discounts/Charge Calculation’ must be enabled.


The basic discounts setup can be done for Discounts/Charge as shown in below path in Tx- FICAIMG


Define Assignment Groups: Create an account assignment group for discounts.


Define  Base Item Class: Here maintain the BIT class for  interface component ‘Basic data for Discounts/Charge Calculation’ is activated. This means when BITs are created for this BIT class then discount can be applied if the condition is met. Also maintain the subprocess and Bill item type.


Define transactions for base items: here provide the transaction and sub transaction.


Define discount/charge key:  In this option a discount/charge can be created.

Provide a currency and time of calculation – blank/1 , this specifies when discount BITs are created. It can be during  CI billing if blank or during CI invoicing if 1. The log can be switched ON to see the log details how the discounts are created. 


In calculation tab:  the BASE can be defined.

The BASE decides on which entity the discount must be applied. 

In rule section: we can set absolute /percentage discount. For test we have absolute discount of 10 EURS.


In the Condition tab: the condition is provided as if the BIT Base Amount is grater than 100 EURS then an absolute discount of 10 EURS is applied and the system creates discounts bits during CI billing.


In an integrated scenario with SAP CRM, when a provider contract is created in CRM with a product where the discount is assigned, in CI the provider contract is created with discounts as shown.


In real time the BITs are generated from CC(convergent Charging system). Consider the BITs are already created for the provider contract where discount can be applied.

Use Tx- FKKBIXBIT_MON  to display BITs.

Below we have BITs with amount 1000 EUR. Now create CI billing document for the BITs.


CI billing document is created with price 1000 EUR.  Now select the tab source items.


The source contains 2 BIT sets. First one is the BITs for which billing doc created and second BIT set is the discount BIT set. Click on the link to see details of the discount bits.


This is the discount bit set.


Again Execute Tx- FKKBIXBIT_MON , here BILL the discount BITs.


So another CI billing Doc is created with amount  [ -10 EUR]. As in the settings Discount LOG is ON , the log can be seen by selecting the LOG button in the billing doc.


Here we have the log details


In Tx- FKKBIXBIT_MON we can see the BITs which are billed.




  1. Hello Siva,

    I have done configuration as per this document. But while execute bill generation not updating the Discount line item.


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