How to find message class & number easily

light111How to find message class & number easily from msg text

This post is less or more relevant to developer or technical consultants. Sometimes some program or application don’t work properly and throws some error message. The developer is trying to find the reason and from which section of the program the error message is raised.

If the error message is raised  in GUI, then it is easy to find the message class , message number and then do a ‘/H’ , execute the program and put a break point on the message name , number and then the debugger stops when that error message appears.

But developers life is little hard if some error message appears in web screen like web dynpro, FPM or BSP application. In such a case below trick can help you to find the message class and message number from the message text.

Let’s consider the error message text appears as no – 010.  at this moment the message class / number not identified.


Here you can open T100 table and do a search against TEXT field.


Here it shows relevant class  and msg no. Now you can set the debugger on start with the message class/number and can find which section of the program don;t work properly.


But if your message text contains some variables against the place holder, just a easy trick. Now lest sat we want to know message class and msg no for the text-   Plant 0001 is not defined. Now copy the text.


Put in the search field and remove the place holder variable- 0001 with a star(*)


Search like below.


This time we got many msg classes. One of the msg class/number may be the reason for the error.  🙂 


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