SD Cross Selling

Cross Selling in SAP SDlight111

In simple, cross selling concept is when a customer orders for a material, the retailer tries to sale additional materials to increase the sales volume.

When business user creates an order and provides a material, then system automatically pops up other materials ( uses condition technique).

To achieve this, create a condition table as per the requirement. 


Here we already have a condition table.


Only one field but depending on business req, other fields can be added or a new condition table can be created.


Next step is to create a access sequence and assign the condition table and fields.


Next step is to create a condition type and assign the access sequence.


Create a cross selling Procedure and assign the condition type.


Now next step is to define customer procedure and assign it to the customer master in sales area section and then define a document procedure and assign it to the order type.


Finally create a Cross selling profile and assign the cross selling procedure to it.

Then the Cross Selling Profile determination.


Now create the condition record for the cross selling condition type.


Here it is mentioned that, if a customer orders for material H11 then the cross selling process pops up material H12  as a result of cross selling.


now time to test it. Create a sales order of type OR and provide sold to party and material as H11 and quantity 1 and hit enter key.


Now the cross selling option appears.


Provide the quantity and hit COPY button.


Now the retailer can place order for the customer with both the materials.


Let’s consider the pop up appears , but the customer is not interested to buy combined materials, then select ‘X’.


Now in the order item, the cross selling option is selected for the material as it indicates cross selling material is available.




  1. i didnt get any cross selling tab while creating sales order. but i config all scnarios for cross selling
    pls anyone can reply
    thanq all


  2. Can we achive the cross selling fnctionality for sales order creation via EDI. As the cross selling functionality is a foreground pop-up is it possibile to achive the functionality via background or BDC approach


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