IDoc with Queue Processing

light111IDoc with Queue Processing

The last post Immediate/Collective IDoc Processing    describes how Output Mode in partner profile controls the IDoc transfer.  If you are transferring some Idocs and these needs to be queued then, Queue Processing Can be Selected and a rule name can be specified. Usually the Rule Name is created in Tx- WE85.


Tx- WE85 . The Function Module is mapped to the Rule name and the FM defines the Queue Name.


In order to check how Q RFC gets called, in sender system,  go to tx- SMQS and select the target RFC destination( this must be the RFC destination set in the PORT). Deregister The RFC Destination.


Choose the RFC and select QRFC Monitor button.


So currently there is no Q RFC calls.


Execute the test report to create an IDoc.


In Sender System – Tx- WE02 , the outbound idocs section the Idoc is in status 30.


As teh partner profile is set as collective processing, Execute Tx- WE14 and execute.


So the outbound IDoc is set as status 03.


in target system, the inbound IDoc not yet reached. which is fine.


In Sender System, Tx- SMQS, we have de registered the RFC destination. If you refresh this screen that was open in the previous step.


One  QRFC entry is created with Queue Name prefixed with SAP_ALE_  follwed the q name provided in the FM associated with the rule name created in Tx- WE85. Double click on the line.


Here is the details.


So select the RFC name and register it. Then it will execute the Q RFC .


The inbound IDoc is reached in the target system.



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