AMDP- ABAP Managed Database Procedures

light111Database Procedures as ABAP Managed Database Procedures

With HANA Database, many options are available to write application logic at DB level which was not possible in earlier conventional databases. 

DATABASE PROCEDURE– These are queries written in using SAP HANA  SQL Script syntax and used to implement some application logic that allows multiple I/P & O/P parameters.

AMDP( ABAP Managed Database Procedure)– The HANA database procedure language SQL script been integrated in ABAP stack and idea of AMDP is to manage HANA procedures in the ABAP server and implemented in ABAP class methods also known as AMDP methods which servers as a container for SQL script code. 

In the context of ABAP development in SAP HANA, AMDP is one of good option for ABAP code optimization.

AMDP development(editing) is only supported in eclipse based development environment(ADT- ABAP Development tool) and not in GUI (class builder) but code view is possible in GUI.


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