AMDP – A Quick Code Start

light111AMDP – A Quick Code Start

Let’s start  with how the syntax looks like for the AMDP class and method:

CLASS amdp_class DEFINITION. PUBLIC SECTION. * Marker interface with SAP HANA DB as database type INTERFACES IF_AMDP_MARKER_DB_TYPE. METHODS amdp_method. ENDCLASS. CLASS amdp_class IMPLEMENTATION. * AMDP method METHOD amdp_method BY DATABASE PROCEDURE FOR db_type LANGUAGE db_language OPTIONS db_options USING db_entity. "Implementation of the procedure in a DB-specific language ENDMETHOD. ENDCLASS.

Open eclipse or HANA studio and in ABAP perspective create a class.

The marker interface IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB must be implemented to enable it as AMDP class.

The method implementation must its a DATABASE PROCEDURE and other options.


Code Lines:

CLASS zcl_flight_calc DEFINITION PUBLIC FINAL CREATE PUBLIC. PUBLIC SECTION. * Marker interface with SAP HANA DB as database type INTERFACES: if_amdp_marker_hdb. METHODS: get_flight_detail IMPORTING VALUE(iv_carrid) TYPE sflight-carrid EXPORTING VALUE(et_flight) TYPE flighttab. ENDCLASS. CLASS zcl_flight_calc IMPLEMENTATION. METHOD get_flight_detail BY DATABASE PROCEDURE FOR HDB LANGUAGE SQLSCRIPT OPTIONS READ-ONLY USING SFLIGHT. * Implementation of the procedure in a DB-specific language et_flight = SELECT * FROM sflight WHERE carrid = iv_carrid; ENDMETHOD. ENDCLASS.

Let’s test the method.


Test the method.


Provide some input value.


Some results found.


It brings records from all  the clients. So SQLSCRIPT doesn’t handle implicit client as open SQL.


To get current client specific data: either client number can be pas explicitly with one more importing parameter or in the method itself the function SESSION_CONTEXT( ) can be used as shown.


Test the method.


So we receive the client specific data.


The above AMDP method is used just to read some data [OPTIONS READ-ONLY]. Lets add one more method where we can do change on DB record. Then for such a method OPTIONS READ-ONLY must not be specified.


Test. Check what are the values.


Modify fields for CARRID.


Check again.


So its updated.


Important Points: 1. Transaction control commands like COMMIT WORK /ROLLBACK WORK are not allowed inside AMDP method. 2. Update statement can not be performed on BUFFERED tables inside AMDP method. 3. AMDP are a part of native SQL and don't support automatic client handling.

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