ABAP-Specific Session Variables in SAP HANA

light111ABAP-Specific Session Variables in SAP HANA

Session Variables are global variables of the database system that contains information about the current context. SAP HANA DB has special ABAP specific session variables whose counterparts matches with the ABAP system fields.

Access in AMDP Methods

The predefined function SESSION_CONTEXT( )  is used to access the session variables of SAP HANA database . Few session variables are as below:

CLIENT                                   –   sy-mandt

APPLICATIONUSER            –   sy-uname

LOCALE_SAP                       –   sy-langu

How they can be Accessed:





METHOD get_session_variables_amdp 
                                    BY DATABASE PROCEDURE FOR HDB 
                                    LANGUAGE SQLSCRIPT. 
  clnt := session_context(‘CLIENT’); 
  unam := session_context(‘APPLICATIONUSER’); 
  lang := session_context(‘LOCALE_SAP’); 

Access in CDS Views

Syntax – $Session.vname  can be used in CDS views to access the ABAP-specific session variable. The VNAME are as below:

client                               –   sy-mandt

user                                 –   sy-uname                     

system-language      –  sy-langu


@AbapCatalog.sqlViewName: ‘CDS_SESSIONVAR’ 
   as select from demo_expressions {  

         $session.client                         as sys_client,
         $session.user                           as sys_user 
         $session.system_language   as sys_language     


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