Number Range Object-5

light Calling Number Range Object Maintenance by own Transaction Code


Once you have created your own different number range objects in Tx- SNRO or SNUM, you can assign each of the number range object to a particular T-Code and by using this direct T-Code you can call the maintenance screen of the individual number range object.

The below post shows some simple steps for this.

Goto  Tx- SNRO


Already we have created a number range object and also maintained its ranges. Provide the number range object name and select the Ranges button.


Select display button.


These below intervals were maintained.


Go back to the main screen, and provide the number range object for which want to create a transaction code and select Change button.


In the customizing tab, there is a field labeled as – NR Transaction . A simple F1 help shows the below details.



Provide a free name which can be used as transaction code to call the number range object maintenance screen.

Provide a name as ‘ZFI_NUM’ & select Save button.


A view in Tx- SE93 . The Tcode is created with below details


Execute the transaction which calls the associated number range object maintenance  screen directly.




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