Number Range Object-6

lightImportant Function Module related to Number Range



There are quite large number of FMs provided by SAP to perform all operation for number range. The post shows few of them that are mostly used in application program.

FM- NUMBER_GET_NEXT– It  assigns the next free numbers of an interval. The default setting is to assign one number, unless the parameter QUANTITY specifies a larger number.

FM-NUMBER_GET_INFO  – This function module gets information about an interval.

FM-NUMBER_CHECK – This function module checks whether a number is in a predefined external interval.

FM-NUMBER_RANGE_ENQUEUE – It locks the number range object to be maintained, with its groups and intervals, for access by other users. Lock errors are returned as exceptions.

FM-NUMBER_RANGE_DEQUEUE –  This  unlocks the maintained number range object.

FM- NUMBER_RANGE_INTERVAL_INIT – It initializes all internal intervals of a particular number range object and any sub objects.

We have a number range with different ranges and already few numbers are generated for each interval.




Test the FM with above number range object.


It initialized all intervals.



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