SAP MM Tcode List

Vendor Master Tcodes
XK01  Create   Vendor           
XK02  Change Vendor 
XK03  Display  Vendor 
Extend Material Views
MMPV Close Period For Materials
Vendor Master  Tcodes
XK01  Create   Vendor           
XK02  Change Vendor 
XK03  Display  Vendor 
Purchasing Info Record  Tcodes
ME11   Create Purchasing Info Record   
ME12  Change Purchasing Info Record  
ME13  Display Purchasing Info Record  
Source List Tcodes
ME01  Create Source List  
ME03 Change Source List  
ME04 Display  Source List 
Purchase Requisition Tcodes
ME51N Create Purchase Requisition
ME52N Change Purchase Requisition 
ME53N Display Purchase Requisition 
ME54 Purchase Requisition
ME55 Collective of Purchase Reqs. 
ME56 Assign Source to Purch. Requisition
Request for Quotation   Tcodes
ME41  Create Req. for Quotation              
ME42  Change Req. for Quotation 
ME43  Display Req. for Quotation 
Scheduling Agreement Tcodes
Create Scheduling Agreement
Change Scheduling Agreement
Display Scheduling Agreement
Purchase Order Tcodes
ME21N Create Purchase Order 
ME22N Change Purchase Order 
ME23N Display  Purchase Order 
Reservation Tcodes
MB21 Create Reservation
MB22 Change Reservation
MB23 Display Reservation
MB24 Reservations by Material
MB25 Reservations by Account Assignment 
Physical Inventory Document  Tcodes
MI01 Create Physical Inventory Document
MI02 Change Physical Inventory Document
MI03 Display Physical Inventory Document 
Goods Receipt Tcodes
Goods Receipt for PO
Invoice Matching Tcodes
MIRO Enter Invoice & Maintenance
MRBR Release Blocked Invoices
MR8M Cancel Invoice
Stock Movements Tcodes
MB1A Goods Issues
MBST Cancel / Reverse Goods Movement
MB1B Transfer Postings (Stock and Status)

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