SAP SD Tcode List

                             Customer Master Tcodes
XD01  Create Customer (Centrally)
XD02  Change Customer (Centrally)
XD03 Display Customer (Centrally)
XD04 Customer Changes (Centrally)
XD05  Block customer (centrally)
XD06 Mark customer for deletion (centr.)
XD07  Change Customer Account Group
XD99  Customer master mass maintenance
XDN1  Maintain Number Ranges (Customer)
                                      Vendor Master Tcodes
XEIP  Number range maintenance: EXPIMP
XK01  Create vendor (centrally)
XK02  Change vendor (centrally)
XK03   Display vendor (centrally)
XK04  Vendor Changes (Centrally)
XK05  Block Vendor (Centrally)
XK06  Mark vendor for deletion (centrally)
XK07  Change vendor account group
                                Material Master Tcodes
MM01  Create Material Master
MM02 Change Material Master
MM03 Display Material Master
MM50 Extend Material Views
                             Pricing Conditions Tcodes
VK11 Create Condition Record Using Condition Type
VK12 Change Condition Record Using Condition Type
VK13 Display Condition Record Using Condition Type
VK31  Create Condition Records
VK32 Change Condition Records – Fast Entry
VK34 Create Condition Records With Template
                                Configuration Tcodes
VOV8 Define Sales documents type (header) 
OVAZ Assigning Sales area to sales documents type 
OVAU  Order reasons 
VOV4 Assign Item categories(Item cat determination) 
VOV6  Schedule line categories 
OVAL To assign blocks to relevant sales documents type 
OVLK Define delivery types 
V/03 Create Condition Table (SD Price)
V/04 Change Condition Table (Sales pr.)
V/05 Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.)
V/06 Condition Categories: SD Pricing
V/07  Maintain Access (Sales Price)
V/08  Maintain pricing procedure 
V/09 Condition Types: Account Determin.
V/10 Account Determination: Access Seqnc
V/11 Conditions: Account Determin.Proced.
V/12 Account Determination: Create Table
V/13 Account Determination: Change Table
V/14 Account Determination: Display Table
OVKP  Pricing proc determination 
                                    Item Proposal Tcodes
VA51 Create Item Proposal
VA52 Change Item Proposal
VA53 Display Item Proposal
VA55 List of Item Proposals
VA8 Actual Settlement: Sales Orders
                                        Inquiry Tcodes
VA11 Create Inquiry
VA12 Change Inquiry
VA13 Display Inquiry
VA14L   Sales Documents Blocked for Delivery
VA15  Inquiries List
                                        Quotation Tcodes
VA21 Create Quotation


VA22 Change Quotation
VA23  Display Quotation
VA25 Quotations List
VA26  Collective Processing for Quotations
                                         Contract Tcodes
VA41 Create Contract
VA42 Change Contract
VA42W   Workflow for master contract
VA43 Display Contract
VA44 Actual Overhead: Sales Order
VA45 List of Contracts
VA46 Coll. Subseq. Processing of Contracts
                                    Sales Order Tcodes
VA00 Initial Sales Menu
VA01 Create Sales Order
VA02 Change Sales Order
VA03 Display Sales Order
VA05 List of Sales Orders
VA07 Compare Sales – Purchasing (Order)
VA08 Compare Sales – Purchasing (Org.Dt.)
                                        Delivery Tcodes
VL00 Shipping
VL01 Create Delivery
VL01N   Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.
VL01NO  Create Outbound Dlv. w/o Order Ref.
VL02 Change Outbound Delivery
VL02N   Change Outbound Delivery
VL03 Display Outbound Delivery
VL03N   Display Outbound Delivery
VL04 Process Delivery Due List
VL06 Delivery Monitor


List Outbound Dlvs for Confirmation
VL06C   List Outbound Dlvs for Confirmation
VL06F   General delivery list – Outb.deliv.
VL06G   List of Outbound Dlvs for Goods Issue
VL06I   Inbound Delivery Monitor
VL06IC  Confirmation of put away inb. deliv.
VL06ID  Inbound Deliveries for Distribution
VL06IF  Selection inbound deliveries
VL06IG  Inbound deliveries for goods receipt
VL06IP  Inbound deliveries for put away
VL06L   Outbound Deliveries to be Loaded
VL06O   Outbound Delivery Monitor
VL06P   List of Outbound Dlvs for Picking
VL06U   List of Unchecked Outbound Deliveries
VL06T   List Outbound Dlvs (Trans. Planning)
VL08 Confirmation of Picking Request
VL09 Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note
VL10 Edit User-specific Delivery List
VL10A   Sales Orders Due for Delivery
VL10B   Purchase Orders Due for Delivery
                                            Billing Tcodes
VF01 Create Billing Document
VF02 Change Billing Document
VF03 Display Billing Document
Process Billing Due List
VF06 Background Processing – Billing
Cancel Billing Document
VF31 Output from Billing
VFX3 Blocked Billing Documents
FBL5N Display Customer invoices by line 
 FBL1N Display Vendor invoices by line
                                     Output Conditions Tcodes
VV11 Create Output Condition – Sales
VV12 Change Output Condition – Sales
VV21 Create Output Condition – Shipping
Change Output Condition – Shipping
VV31 Create Output Condition – Billing
VV32 Change Output Condition – Billing


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