SAP SD Tables

Customer Master Tables
KNA1  Customer master: General 
KNVV  Customer master: Sales areas 
KNB1  Customer master: Accounting
KNVK  Contact persons 
KNVA  Unloading point 
KNVI  Tax indicators 
KNVP  Partner functions 
KNVD  Documents 
KNVL  Licenses 
KNVS  Customer master: Shipping 
KNVH  Customer Master: Hierarchies 
MARA Material Master: General 
MARC Material Master: Plant  
MAKT Material Master: Short description 
MARD Material Master: Storage Location
Sales Document 
VBAK Sales document – Header
VBAP Sales document – Item
VBEP Sales document -Schedule Line
VBUK Header Status / Admin data 
VBUP Item status 
VBUV Incompletion log 
VBPA Partner functions 
VBBE Individual requirement 
VEBA Contract 
VBLB Forecast 
VBFA Document flow 
VBKD Sales document: Business data
VAKPA Partner index 
VEDA Contract 
VBKA Sales Activity document 
LIKP Delivery – Header
LIPS Delivery – Item
VTTK Shipment header
VTTP Shipment item
VTTS Stage in transport
VTSP Stage in transport per shipment item
VTPA Shipment partners
VBRK Billing – Header
VBRP Billing – Item
KONH Conditions header
KONP Conditions items
KONV Procedure ( billing doc or sales order)
KOND Conditions
SADR Address 
NAST Output 
JSTO PP Status 
STXH Text: Header 
STXL Text: Lines 

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