SAP MM Tables

LFA1 Vendor Master: General data
LFB1 Vendor Master: Company data
LFM1 Vendor Master: Purchasing Data (Purchasing organization)
LFM2 Vendor Master: Purchasing Data (Plant, Vendor sub-range)
MARA Material Master: General data
MAKT Material Master: Description
MARM Material Master: Unit of Measure
MAPE Material master: Export control file
MARC Material master: Plant data
MARD Material master: Storage location
MAST Material link to BOM
MBEW Material valuation
Purchasing Requisition / Purchase Document
EBAN Purchase Requisition 
EBKN   Purchase Requisition Account Assignment
Request for Quotation
EKKO   Purchasing Document Header  
EKPO Purchasing Document Item
EKKN  Account Assignment in Purchasing Document
KONH Condition Header
KONP Condition Item
Inventory Management
IKPF Physical Inventory Document Header
ISEG Physical inventory document items
MKPF Material document: Header
MSEG Material document: item
RKPF Reservation: Header
RESB Reservation: Item
Vendor Payment 

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