Embedding an FPM application in Web Dynpro application

The post describes about how to embed a FPM application in Webdynrpo applictaion. Already we have a FPM OVP application ZTEST_APPL_BILL_LIST. This is an OVP application. In fact we can embed any FPM application whether OVP, OIF or GAF .


The FPM OVP configuration ID is ZTEST_APPL_BILL_LIST. Here both the OVP application and configuration ID name is same. we need the configuration ID to embed it in webdynpro.   Test the FPM application.


So the FPM OVP application looks like this.


Now we have to create a web dynpro component. Create in Tx- SE80 & provide used component as –  BILL_LIST as component use and component as – FPM_OVP_COMPONENT.


Go to component controller and add the Used Components. Go to the Methods tab.


Go to the WDDOINIT method.


Provide the below code as shown.


Go to the view and add a view container UI element and name it as VC.


Go to the Window and Embed VIEW as FPM_WINDOW in the VC.


Create an application and test.


So here the FPM OVP configuration called in the webdynpro application.



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  1. Hi and thanks for all your explanations about fpm, it has been a great help for me along last year. Talking about embedding a fpm app on a wd view container, if i want to raise a fpm event on the webdynpro component controler, how can i do? I was trying to do it with usual steps to handling fpm events but i haven’t had any sucessfull case. Thanks in advance


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