qRFC with Outbound Queue & Inbound Queue between two different SAP systems – One LUW per One RFC FM call


Step1. In single Queue- If we call multiple RFC FMs as separate unit then, for each FM call there is a separate TID – transaction Id means it is a separate LUW. Execute the report which calls two RFC FMs in separate  unit .

Step2. Output.

Step3. Source system – Tx- SMQS. Select the line and click on qRFC Monitor.

Step4. Source system: Double click on out bound queue name.

Step5. Source system : Double click on the OUT BOUND Queue name.

Step6. Source system: So here we have TWO RFC FM calls and each is associated with a different TID. Process the out bound queue.

Step7. Source system. TO process the queue register the RFC destination.

Step8. Source system. Continue to proceed.

Step9.  Target system : Tx- SMQS. Select the line and click on the qRFC Monitor button.

Step10.  Target system : Double click on the Inbound Queue name.

Step11.  Target system : Again double click on the Queue name.

Step12.  A snap short of the comparison of the TIDs of the source system outbound queue and destination system inbound queues.

 See the next post where all FM calls are included in a single LUW.



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