qRFC with Outbound Queue & Inbound Queue between two different SAP systems – One LUW per one QUEUE


In QUEUE RFC call if we skip the part ‘AS SEPARATE UNIT’ then all the RFC calls of all the QUEUEs are put into a single LUW upto the point when first Commit Work statement occurs.

Step1. Here we have a program that uses a single queue and inside that we have two RFC FM calls  and at last commit work happens so it creates a single TID- Transaction ID ( one luw) . Execute the program.

Step2. Output.

Step3. Source system: Tx- SMQR( out bound scheduler) – One TID(one luw) fro two RFC FM calls in a single out bound  queue.

Step4. Target System: Tx- SMQS[inbound scheduler] – One TID ( one luw) for both FM calls.

See next post where multiple calls Multiple queues are put into a single LUW. 



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