Analysis & Monitoring Tool Collection

light111Collection Tools

Many times Tx- ST12 is used for the single transaction analysis and it is a performance measurement tool.


But in addition to this- Another useful tcode- ST13.

It a collection toll which shows and can run different tools.

The F4 help shows many different types of tools that can be used for many different purpose.

Let’s see one of the tool= Country Version.


It shows financial details-

Similarly another tool- TABLE_ANALYSIS can be pretty useful from technical aspect.

It has 3 parts.

Provide table name and execute(select first option)-

It shows the no of records in the table in the current client and in all clients.

Similarly you can use the second option and provide many different tables to see the details-

It provides required statistics of the tables-

Similarly you can use the third option- here we want to know the no. of billing docs of different billing doc type-

And here are the results-

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