SAP Fiori Elements

light111SAP Fiori Elements(Smart Templates)

SAP UI5 and SAP Fiori Elements  both are valid approaches to create fiori apps based on oData. Fiori Elements provide floorplans like [ List Report Page, Object Page, Over View Page, Analytic List Page, Worklist] based on most commonly used business scenarios or use cases.  Using fiori elements which provides predefined template floorplans mostly fits around 80% of the business use cases.  If particular business use cases can’t be fit with fiori elements then use SAP UI5 that provides  many controls, layouts and stylesheets to design fiori apps.

In general Fiori App design with SAP UI5 provides more flexibility to develop freestyle apps  that requires more knowledge of the frontend technologies where as Fiori elements provides a framework to design most commonly used application and it ensures design consistency and latest guidelines and reduces the development effort as most codes are generated. The SAP fiori elements generate Fiori Apps at the runtime from the OData service with additional annotated metadata that defines additional attributes and its relationship with data. 

SAP Fiori Element Supported Floorplans-

  • List Report Page
  • Object Page
  • Overview Page
  • Analytic List Page
  • Worklist 



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