Assistance Class in Web Dynpro

We have a component that displays an ALV of the flight records.

 This is the component controller context design.

Component controller attributes.

 WDDOINIT method contains code to select the flight records.

We have the application test result as below.

Now we would like to use an assistance class in the web dynpro component. Before that let’s create a class in Tx- SE24. Provide the class name.

 Create a method.

 Provide the exporting parameter.

 Provide the code.

Go to the web dynpro component. We can provide the assistance class here.

Maintain the class name here which is now treated as Assistance class.

In the component controller, attribute tab we find an object WD_ASSIST is created which points to the assistance class.

 Go to the WDDOINIT method and call the assistance class method to get the flight records.

 a check in debugging mode.

 And here we have the application test.



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