Implicit Enhancement

 Step1. Go to Tx- SE38 and open the below sap standard program. Click on the Spiral Icon to enter into Enhancement mode.

Step2. After selecting the Spiral option the below type of screen appears with X- cross mark on the left side.

Step3.  To see the  implicit Enhancement options navigate along the highlighted path.

Step4. An arrow mark appears in some parts of the program.

Step5. Mouse click on the dotted line right to the arrow mark and navigate along the highlighted menu path to create an implementation.

Step6. Provide an Enhancement Implementation name & short text and click on Continue button.

Step7. Save it.

Step8. The below screen appears with Enhancement ——– and endenhancement.  We have to put our code inside it.

Step9. Put some extra code and click on the Activate Enhancement button.

Step10. Go back and run the program.

Step11. The below O/P appears:



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