Convergent Invoicing TCodes

light111Convergent Invoicing TCodes


Some important TCodes of FICA Convergent Invoicing available as per S4CORE Release(104).

Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable 
Convergent Invoicing 
Consumption Items – TCodes
FKKBIXCIT_SAMPLE –           Create Consumption Item for Test 
FKKBIXCIT_MON –                  Display Consumption Items
FKKBIXCIT02_TRANS –         Transfer Raw Data to Consumption Items
FKKBIXCIT02_TRANS_MA – Mass Transfer of Raw Data to Consumption Items 
FKKBIXCIT_CWB –                    Enter and Change Manually Consumption Items
FKKBIX_RATE_S –                     Perform Rating for Consumption Items
FKKBIX_RERATE_S –               Reverse Rating and Run Rerating for Cons Items
FKKBIXCIT_UPLOAD –           Upload 
Billable Items – TCodes
FKKBIXBIT_SAMPLE –          Create Billable Items for Test
FKKBIXBIT_MON –                 Display Billable Items
FKKBIXBITR_MON –               Displays Raw Data 
FKKBIXBIT02_TRANS –          Transfer Raw Data 
FKKBIXBIT02_TRANS_MA – Mass Transfer from Raw Data to Billable Items 
FKKBIXBIT_CWB –                   Enter and Change Manually Billable Items
FKKBIXBIT_REV_S –               Reverse Billable Items
FKKBIXBIT_UPLOAD –          Upload 
Bill Plan – TCodes
FKKBIX_BILLPLAN_MON –    Display of Bill Plan
FKKBIX_BILLPLAN –                Edit of Bill Plan
FKKBIXBIP_S –                           Request(Bits) Billing Plan Item 
FKKBIXBIP_M –                         Mass Request Billing Plan Item 
FKKBIXBIP_MA –                      Mass Request Billing Items (in Parallel) 
FKKBIXBIP_REV_S –               Reverse Billing Plan Item 
Billing Document- TCodes
FKKINVBILL_DISP –          Display Billing Document
FKKBIX_S –                          Create Individual Billing Document
FKKBIX_M –                         Mass Execute Billing 
FKKBIX_MA –                      Mass Execute Billing (Parallelized) 
FKKINVBILL_REV_S –       Reverse Billing Document
FKKBIXBITB_MON –          Display Billing Worklist 
FKKINVBILL_REV_MON –  Display Reversal Requests 
Invoicing Document- TCodes
FKKINV_S –                     Create Invoicing Document
FKKINV_M –                   Mass Execute Invoicing 
FKKINV_MA –                Mass Execute Invoicing (Parallelized) 
FKKINVDOC_DISP –     Display Individual Invoicing Document
FKKINV_REV_S –          Reverse Invoicing Document
FKKINV_MON –             Display Invoicing Orders 
FKKINV_REV_MON –   Display Reversal Requests 
Rating- TCodes
FKKBIX_RATE_S –                 Rating (Individual Processing)
FKKBIX_RATE_M –               Rating (Mass Run)
FKKBIX_RATE_MA –            Rating (Parallelized) 
FKKBIX_RERATE_S –           Reverse Rating (Indiv. Processing)
FKKBIX_RERATE_M –         Reverse Rating (Mass Run)
FKKBIX_RERATE_MA –      Reverse Rating and Run Rerating
FKKBIX_RERATE_MON –  Display Rerating Requests


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