Condition Records for Billing Document Output

lightcreate/change/display condition records for billing document output



Transaction – VV31(Create)/VV32(Change)/VV33(display) can be used to create condition records for the billing document output.


To create a condition record for the billing document, execute Tx- VV31 and provide a billing output condition type. Hit Enter key.


The below screen appears. ( You may see a different screen if access sequence condition table fields are different which is assigned to the output condition type).


Provide the details and save.


To check the output condition records, use Tx- VV33 and provide output condition type and hit enter key.


Provide sales org value and execute.


Here are the records.



One comment

  1. I’ve a requirement to create huge Output conditions. I mean data volume is high, it is not feasible to create them manually.
    Can you please let me know if there is any program or should I develop custom program ?
    thanks in advance !


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