abap-unit-testUnit Test Run by using Standard Report



Unit test can be run by standard report- RS_AUCV_RUNNER and to run periodically just create a variant for the package/classes as needed and schedule a background job with the report and variant in Tx- SM36.

In the previous post Simple Unit Test using Global Class  we have created a test class and tested a method. 

We have the method to be tested.


we have the global class with local test class in it.



Standard provides a report : RS_AUCV_RUNNER which can be executed from abap editor ( Tx- SE38) and the below details and email id can be provided to get the mail of the unit test results.

If you want the unit test should run periodically, simply create a variant for the below report and schedule a background job in Tx- SM36 and choose period like daily/weekly…

So in that periodic basis you will get the mails about the unit test results and can check  in any the unit test fails.


Provide the class name, provide other details such as the mail id of the recipient and execute.


Report execution result.


The unit test mail content.



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