abap-unit-testABAP UNIT TEST Basics



TEST UNIT:- It can be a class/method, a report program or function module/function pool or module pool. These can be put into a test class and test method(s).

Individual test units can be tested by calling them  from either  SE80, class builder(SE24), ABAP Editor(SE38) or from Function Builder(SE37).

The expectation from the ABAP UNIT Test, is to check whether a unit returns the desired result or not. The checking is performed by the service class CL_AUNIT_ASSERT by comparing  expected value & the actual value calculated by a Unit. 

Also in the system the service class CL_ABAP_UNIT_ASSERT is present  but the service class CL_AUNIT_ASSERT is superior than the  CL_ABAP_UNIT_ASSERT.



Navigate along the menu path to check the ass documentation:


Class Documentation.


For the test class, the RISK LEVEL(Harmless, Dangerous, Critical) and DURATION( Short, Medium, Long ) are mandatory additional annotations are added . This is because in Tx- SAUNIT_CLIENT_SETUP a client wide setup for the risk level and the duration is mentioned and when testing, the system checks the current test unit risk level and duration against the client wide setup.





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