FPM Chart UIBB not working

chart uibb

FPM Chart UIBB not working on screen….



If you are running any FPM chart uibb application, it may happen that, the chart is not appearing on the screen and you just experience a processing symbol on the screen continuously.  One of the reason may be that chart uibb makes use of the HTML5/UI5 .So the ui5 service should be activated in the system to make the chart uibb work properly. To do this..

Run Tx- SICF and execute it.


Navigate sap->public->bc->ui5_ui5  and check if ui5_ui5 service is active or not. If it is not active then activate the service.

chart  uib service activate.jpg

Service is activated. Now run any chart uibb application and it should work properly.



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