CC- Allowance Mapping Table

light111CC[Convergent Charging]- Allowance Mapping Table

An allowance is a credit given to (or purchased by) a customer to use one or more services from a service provider. It can be defined as a quantity of a service or as an amount of money. An allowance can be valid for a specific period of time, for example:

  • 10 GB of data valid for 30 days

  • 5 Euros valid until the end of the month

In CC(convergent Charging), there are many objects needs to be created to support allowances in end-to-end scenario.

The first thing is to create a Mapping Table Class and Mapping Table to support allowance. These mapping table are some kind of special mapping table that carries additional information  where the “NAME” must be “SAP_DATA_TYPE” and its “VALUE” must be “AllowanceDefinition”.


Below is the CC Mapping table class with input and output parameters.


In Additional Information tab, below defined the name and value as SAP_DATA_TYPE = “AllowanceDefinition”


Here is the mapping table for the above mapping table class with different Allowance ID which represents data,price and validity of the plan. 


Here is the mapping table additional information.



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