Provider Contract-Change Process Types

light111Provider/Subscription Contract-Change Process Type(s)

In BRIM(Hybris Billing), usually the provider contract is created when a provider order is submitted in CRM. This CRM provider contract then replicated to the CI(convergent Invoicing) in FICA and also to the CC(convergent charging) system.

Once the provider contract is created, there are many cases when we need certain changes on the provider contract like to cancel the contract/ to extend the validity period of the contract/ to change the product / to lock the contract for certain period and then unlock the contract.

Some changes need to create a “Change Provider Order” and then it updates the contract and some changes directly updates on the contract it self without creating a change order.

Technically these change processes are grouped by means of process types. The process type defines how the change process to behave whether to create a change order or directly updating the contract.

The system table: CRMC_IST_TP_PTY  – defines different process types.


Change process related to process type-ISTA always creates a change provider order where as change process of process type-ISTF always directly updates the provider contract it self without any change provider order.


In CRM system, below SPRO path 


We have the profile and assigned process types.


List of process types and each one assigned with different change process that is applied on the active provider contract.


Change processes assigned to process  type-ISTA


Change processes assigned to process  type-ISTC


Change processes assigned to process  type-ISTF


Change processes assigned to process  type-ISTG


Also we can see all the processes and the assigned process types.



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