MM Number Range Objects & T Codes

light111MM Number Range Objects & T Codes

Tx- OMSJ  – Number Range for Vendor

Number Range Object-  KREDITOR

The number range intervals are assigned to the vendor account group.


Tx- MMNR  – Define Material Master Number Ranges

Number Range Object- MATERIALNR


Tx- OMEO  – Number Ranges for Purchasing Info Record

Number Range Object- INFOSATZ


Tx- OMEP  – Number Ranges for Quota Arrangement

Number Range Object- QUOTIERUNG


Tx- OMH6  – Number Ranges for Purch. Documents (RFQ)/ Purchase Order/ Contract(quantity & value)/Scheduling Agreement

Number Range Object-  EINKBELEG


Tx- OMH7  – Number Ranges for Purch. Requisition

Number Range Object- BANF


Tx- OMBT  – Number Ranges for Mat. Doc./Phys.Inventory

Number Range Object- MATBELEG



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