CRM Event Configuration

light111Event Configuration in Customer Management

In CRM, most of the order processing is carried out using the event concept. The Tx- CRMV_EVENT can be used to register an event and the event in code line can be triggered using the FM – CRM_EVENT_PUBLISH_OW   .

The event registration is very powerful as many things can be controlled like whether is has to handle header or item processing . It could be triggered if any particular attribute is changed/deleted/added. How many times the event has to be triggered like once per transaction, etc.

Execute Tx- CRMV_EVENT 


The below screen appears.


Can be searched for a particular transaction or object name. 


It shows all the events registered as per the search criteria. Select a particular entry to observe  the details.


The below event has to be triggered during the SAVE and performs action on the item level and it is called once per transaction.


Here new event can also be configured.



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