CRM Provider Contract Distribution

Provider Contract Distributionlight111

Provider Order and Provider Contract first created in CRM system and then it is replicated to ECC( CI- Convergent Invoicing) and CC- Convergent Charging system.

So how the Provider contract distribution  will happen from  CRM to ECC & CC, the configuration is made in CRM system. It may be a contract activation or deactivation and the activation may happen immediately or later (batch processing) , can be done as shown below:

In CRM, goto SPRO and navigate along the path : Define Settings for Document Distribution.


 1. Define Step Categories.

Different Step categories  can be defined. For immediate provider contract activation, category- P1 is used and if the contract is to be activated in a future date then category- P0 is used and similarly for deactivation and future deactivation P5 and P6 are used respectively.


Next is to define Step Types.  The step type is associated with the step category.

Step Type-  

PCEA- is used to activate the contract immediately

PCWA- is used for future contract activation


Next is to define  schema .  Here for the schema PC01 , the step types can be assigned.


To the schema PC01 – the step PCWA is assigned and also others.


Final is how the schema would be determined. 

When a provider contract document is created in CRM with an item , so from the transaction type and item category the distribution schema is determined.




Once the schema is identified from the transaction and item category, from the schema the step types are determined and then the contract distribution is scheduled if it is a future activation(wait for activation) or immediate distribution happens.


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