Which CI RFC FMs CC calls to create CITs & BITs

Which CI RFC FMs CC calls to create CITs & BITslight111

Normally CITs and BITs classes are modeled in CI(convergent invoicing) and when the interfaces are generated many objects are created which includes DDIC objects and some RFC function modules. In CC, when Chargeable Item Class generated from Consumption Item Class or Charged Item Class generated from Billable Item Class with a reference to CI, CC also makes a note of the RFC FMs which later can be used to generate CITs and BITs in CI.

This post is a more help for a technical consultant where CITs/BITs are created with error data  ( raw CITs / raw BITs ). While CC sends CITs/BITs , then these RFC FMs can be debugged to check which data sets are coming.

In CI, we have the CIT class, generate interface options.


Select the Objects button.


Here we can see the RFC FMs.



Similarly, BIT class also contains RFC FMs.

In the last post Chargeable & Charged Item Class  which describes the generation of Chargeable/charged Item class in CC, we can also see the details in CC.




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