CRM Product Modelling: Condition

light111 Use of Conditions in CRM Product Modelling

In the last post CRM Product Modelling tells about how to model the product using Class with its characteristics and using FORMULA to derive dependency between different sets of characteristics.

We have the below product.


Below is the product modelling class with characteristics.


And we have two Formulas. Start with the simulation.3

We have two plan types and based on the plan type the other read only characteristics are set:


So far so good. Let’s make  use of CONDITION in Class. With Condition we can make visible/invisible, required/optional etc  to the different characteristics depending on certain conditions.

We will illustrate this below.

Under characteristics – create a new value for PLAN_TYPE.


Choose the class and under dependencies – choose create.


Choose Condition.


Here, if we choose PLAN_TYPE = ONLY DATA then the characteristics VOICE is no relevant. So mark characteristics VOICE as invisible and change the status of the CONDITION to released.


Now save and try to simulate.


Choose PLAN_TYPE as Regular Postpaid Plan and the appropriate values are determined from the formula for two characteristics : VOICE and DATA.


Choose PLAN_TYPE as ONLY DATA and then with the CONDITION the VOICE characteristics becomes invisible.


Hope this makes a clear understanding of use of CONDITIONS in Product Modelling Class.


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