Technical Resource in CRM Provider Order

light111Determination of Technical Resource ID in CRM Provider Order

In provider order management, it is mandatory to maintain a technical resource ID which is unique for some technical computation reasons.  The technical resource ID is determined by different schema and during the provider product creation one of the schema must be assigned to the product. And during the provider order creation, when  the product is added/selected then based on the assigned schema, single or multiple unique identifier can be assigned.

Tx- SPRO and navigate along the highlighted path for the Technical Resource.


In resource types, you can define number of resource types that you can think of capable of holding a unique identifier. Double click to see the details.



In Assignment schema section, a number of Schema can be created and under each schema a number of resource types and its limit can be specified.

Select one schema and choose Schema Details.


here we can assign the resource type  and the max value is 2.


We have a provider product with Resource Assignment Settings Block


Assign the above defined one of the schema of technical resource determination.



Create a provider order and add the provider product and edit the item and below screen appears and provide a Technical Resource i.e Consumer ID. And you can click the button Consumer ID under Technical Resources section to add one more Consumer ID.


As in the schema, max value is specified as 2, the button now becomes inactive i.e it doesn’t allows more than 2 tech resource IDs.



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