Invoicing Lock in Convergent Invoicing

light111Invoicing Lock in Convergent Invoicing(FICA)

The last post Invoicing Locks in Provider Contract/Contract Account in FICA  describes how billing/invoicing lock can be set on the provider contract/contract account, so the it controls the creation of CI billing documents or CI invoicing.  This lock is set on a higher level which works for all the documents.  It is also possible not to set any lock on provider contract/contract account but to set the lock on a particular CI invoicing order, so that this billing document is not invoiced in CI. The post describes how to set a manual invoicing lock on document level.

One you create CI billing document/invoicing order( Tx- FKKBIX_S [single billing ] ), we can see the CI billing document/invoicing order in Tx- FKKINVBILL_DISP


Provider the CI invoicing order number and execute.


We are in display mode. The buttons Set/Remove Invoicing Lock buttons are disabled.

The Bill Type actually controls the manual lock set.  As the field highlighted, an invoicing order exists for the CI billing document, which can be seen in the table- DFKKINV_TRIG


The invoicing order exists in the table- DFKKINV_TRIG


Select change button, but still the buttons, Set/Remove Invoicing Lock are disabled.


So this button visibility depends on the BILL TYPE customization. Execute Tx- FICAIMG

As highlighted choose – Define Bill Types option.


Choose bill type as YHCS as used in the above shown CI billing document.


The flag, Manually Setting/Removing Invoicing Lock controls the visibility of the buttons.


Set the flag and save it.


Now again try to open the CI billing doc and change it.


In change mode, Set Invoicing Lock button is visible. Click on the button.


Manual invoicing lock( 9)  is set now and the CI invoicing order is deleted from the table- DFKKINV_TRIG.


Select Remove Invoicing Lock.


Now the lock is removed and invoicing order recreated again.



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