Invoicing Locks in Provider Contract/Contract Account in FICA

light111Invoicing Locks in Provider Contract / Contract

CI(convergent Invoicing) works with provider contract and contract account. So a CI billing document is related to a provider contract and a contract account. 

In CI,  locks can be created and applied on the provider contract or contract account to control the CI billing  or invoicing creation process.  The post shows how to create locks in FICA and assign to the provider contract / contract account.

Go to Tx- FICAIMG and Choose option- Define Lock Reasons


Here we defined some locks and set some controlling flags ( billing allowed or not, Invoicing allowed or not)


We can set the lock on the provider contract and according it controls the billing creation or invoicing creation.

Open Tx- FP_VT3 ( change can be done in Tx- FP_VT2) . Open a provide contract.


In General Data Section, invoicing lock is set. Now we set a single lock and it is possible to set multiple locks.


Similarly, invoicing lock can be set on contract account. Use Tx- CAA3( for change use Tx- CAA2 ).


Choose tab, Convergent Invoicing Tab, and here we can set invoicing lock( multiple lock set possible).


Once lock is set either on provider contract or contract account, during CI billing( Tx- FKKBIX_S ) [Single Billing] or CI invoicing ( Tx- FKKINV_S ) [ Single Invoicing ] , the lock control parameters really control whether billing/invoicing can be done or not for that provider contract/contract account with invoicing lock set.




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