Target Process in Convergent Invoicing (FICA)

light111Target Process in Convergent Invoicing (FICA)

To create CI(convergent Invoicing) invoicing, the target process of the CI invoicing orders must be blank. The CI invoicing process only picks the CI invoicing orders where the target process is blank. It may happen that the CI invoicing orders can be invoiced by an external application( other than CI invoicing). In such a case a desired target process can be customized in convergent invoicing and such a CI invoicing order can’t be invoiced by CI invoicing .

The post shows the steps required to create a target process and making necessary customizing in FICA convergent invoicing.

Execute Tx- FICAIMG and select Activate Billable Item Classes


For the demo, we use the BIT class- HRBT and the value in the target process is blank.


For demo lets execute the below test program to generate BITs.


Here we provide the Billable item class as HRBT. Execute .


Bits generated.


Now for the above generated BITs, we have to create a CI billing doc( invoicing order).

Execute Tx- FKKBIX_S


Provide the details and execute.


A CI billing document created.


The target process is blank now and this CI billing document can be invoiced in CI invoicing.


Now consider that we want to create CI billing document which must not be invoiced in CI but by externally. So we can define a specific target process and assign it to the billable item class. 

To create a  new target process, choose Enter Target Processes and program enhancements option as highlighted.


Here we can define a new target process say- TECH


Once target process is defined, choose option- Activate Target Processes


Add the target process that needs to be activated.


Now we have to assign the Billable Item class to the activated target process. So choose the highlighted option.


Here lets assign the target process ‘TECH’ to the billable item class ‘HRBT’.


Now execute the test program( with billable item class as HRBT ) and generate BITs.


Execute Tx- FKKBIX_S to create CI billing docs(invoicing orders). Execute and from popup choose Display Billing Document button.


We can see the target process is determined as TECH for the billing document. This billing document can’t be invoiced in CI(convergent invoicing) but to be invoiced externally.




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