Printing Lock Set in Convergent Invoicing

light111Setting Printing Lock Set in Invoicing Document(Convergent Invoicing)

It is possible to set the invoicing lock on the CI invoicing document. The printing lock settings must be done on the Invoicing Type used. 

Open the Tx- FKKINVDOC_DISP and display an invoicing document. [ Tx-1 ]

Provide the CI invoicing document number and execute.


In display mode, the buttons Set/Remove Printing Lock is disabled. Goto change mode.


Still in change mode the buttons are disabled.  Here the invoicing type is – 10


Go to Tx- FICAIMG and open the option define Invoicing Types as highlighted below.


Choose Invoicing type as 10 and from left side, choose Invoicing Processes.


Here the customizing settings , Manual Setting/Removing Printing Lock Allowed. Select this flag and save it.


Now any CI invoicing document created using this Invoicing Type , the printing lock buttons are enabled.


Select Printing Lock .


The printing lock is set and now the Remove Printing Lock button is enabled.



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