How to create a client

light11Creating a new client in SAP system




A client is an independent business unit. It holds companies own data. SAP provides three standard clients:  000-Master Client , 001-Reference Client, 066-Early Watch Client.

We can create a number of clients in SAP (from 000-999 except 000, 001 & 066). Follow the below steps to create a new client-300.

Go to Tx-SCC4


It will bring you to the initial screen of SAP clients.To create a new client click on EDIT button.




Select Continue.


Now click on New Entries button to create a new client.


Here you need to provide the client number ,client description ,city,logical system and standard currency as shown in the screenshot.

Note: We can create a logical system in Tx-BD54. Here only we can choose logical system which we already created. 


Now fill the client role as per your requirement. If you have development system then make it as customizing, in case of production make production  and test for test system.


Now click on SAVE button.


Below message displays saying data saved.


Now you can view created client by running Tx-SCC4


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