How to enable sap* userid

light11How to enable sap* user-id for the first user after fresh installation.




Why we should enable sap* userid?

Suppose you have a fresh installed SAP system. To use the system you need at least one user by which you can login to the system and you will be able to create your users list. For that we can use standard user-id sap* but it should be enabled. Initially you will find it disabled . For this purpose we need to enable the user-id sap*.

Follow below steps:

To enable sap* userid first we need to enable one parameter named login/no_automatic_user_sapstar.

Goto Tx-Rz11.


Give the parameter name and click on display.


Check the value of that parameter whether it is enabled or disabled. (Here 0 means enabled and 1 means disabled).


Here it is enabled.It means you can use Ssap* userid. But if you find the value 1 here it means its disabled and you have to enable it. Though it is a static parameter you can’t change the value here. To change the value use  Tx-Rz10.

Now execute the Tx-Rz104.png

Now set the profile to default and select Extended maintenance and click on change



Here you will get the below screen.



Here we have that parameter.Initially you will not get that parameter.You need to create that manually. To create click on parameter as shown in below screen shot.


Now fill the parameter name and value as 0. Now click on copy and then save it.


Now take a restart of your application server. Login again and this time you will be able to login. In this way you can enable sap* user-id.


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