SAP HANA Multi-tenant Database Containers(MDC)

light11What is SAP HANA Multi-tenant Database Container?




Down the history of HANA: 

  1. One DMBS, One database, One Schema, One Application

         ( Schema is a data base container for database objects )















2. One DMBS, One database, Multiple Schemas, Multiple Applications


3. Multiple DMBS with one database for each, Multiple Schemas, Multiple Applications


4. Multi-tenant database, Multiple Applications

Here we can run multiple applications( lets say one is ERP and another is BW system) accessing two different tenant databases which is not possible in a single tenant DB system.

The advantage is complete data isolation between two different tenant databases and user separation.  Backup and recovery can be performed on tenant level.


Each HANA system having a ID: HAN and each tenant database is identified with system ID and database name.


The administration can be performed in each tenant DB level.



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  1. Hi There,

    Thanks for the tip, appreciate it. Your article definitely helped me to understand the core concepts.
    I’m most excited about the details your article touch based! I assume it doesn’t come out of the box, it sounds like you are saying we’d need to write in the handlers ourselves SAP HANA tutorial USA .
    Are there any other articles you would recommend to understand this better?
    3.2 Product-Specific Preparations of the System Copy Guide, which is mentioned in Further Documentation [page 6].Caution Make sure that no customer data is changed in the meantime. Proceed as follows:
    1. FI: Run job SAPF190 to perform an additional consistency check. Choose AccountingFinancial AccountingGeneral ledgerPeriodic ProcessingClosingCheck/count. Then choose for○ classic FI: Reconciliation○ new general ledger: Reconciliation (New)
    2. FI: You can further check consistency by running the jobs listed below:
    ○ RFUMSV00 (tax on sales/purchases)
    ○ RAGITT01 (asset history sheet)
    ○ RAZUGA01 (asset acquisitions)
    ○ RAABGA01 (fixed asset retirements)
    3. CO: Run the report group 1SIP

    Appreciate your effort for making such useful blogs and helping the community.

    Thanks a heaps,


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