Access Control Management

This post helps in understanding how to evaluate if the DCL associated with the CDS view is working properly or not by running the simulation check on the DCL.

Below CDS view with authorization check set as #CHEKC and currently there is no DCL created for the CDS view.

The message-

The CDS view data preview-

Use the transaction- SACM for the Access Control Management checks/evaluation.

Select the highlighted link.

Provide the CDS view name and execute.

No associated DCL is found.

Create an Access Control.

Let’s use the SD auth object for sales area.

The values of ACTVT.

Here is the Access control with PFCG auth checks.

Now as the access control is created for the CDS view, the warning message also disappeared.

Check again here.

It found the Access control of the CDS view.

Use option Runtime Simulator.

Provide the CDS entity, the user name and execute.

Now the simulator evaluates- if the user is having full access or not.

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