Gateway Project Create Deep Entity


The below post is an extension of the project Gateway Project for Expanded Entity Set.

Below is the project date model with association(Navigation) and the artifacts.

Let’s redefine the CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY method of the DPC extension class. By calling the method READ_ENTRY_DATA we get the deep structured data and then mapped to the appropriate work area and tables and we can update the required tables as necessary[ the insert query is not applied below but it can be done].

Let’s use the EXPAND with the Navigation link with the GET operation to find the result.

Here is the deep structure result-

By looking at the above result- we can prepare our POST operation input payload to trigger the CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY method.

Its in JSON format with one header and 2 items.

Set the breakpoint in the CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY method.

See the POST URI – its just the Entityset name.

The request payload-

The input deep structure we get in our internal deep structure- LS_AIRLINE.

The header fields and the navigation component for the ITEMs.


The status and reason-

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