Gateway Project for Search Help

The below post shows how to create a gateway project and design an entity type and entity set referring to Elementary Search Help.

Create an elementary search help in SE11.

Test the search help-

Test the search help with- A*

As the search help is ready, now create a SEGW project and create entity type and entity set by referring to the search help.

Create SEGW project-

Navigate along the path-

Provide the search help name and select to create default entity set and use the model binding for query and read.

The below details of the search help appears- The input carrid[] and carrname[] and the result list[].

Select the check box for the search help and then system automatically selects the RESULT_LIST[] and the fields underneath. Click on Next.

The system propose the name of the entity type with the fields and now we have to mark the key.

Set CARRID as the key and select Finish.

The system now creates the entity type and the entity set.

Entity Type and Entity Set details-

Let’s look at the service implementation- for search help only Read and Query operation is relevant.

See the Query Mapping-

Read operation mapping.

Now Generate the runtime artifacts- click on the Generate button.

System pops-up with the MPC and DPC classes.

The artifacts are generated successfully.

Go to the DPC_EXT class and go to the GET_ENTITY_SET method. It is implemented in the DPC base class.

The codes are autogenerated. Go to the highlighted method(its system generated)

The call is made to the search help to get the result list.

Similarly for the READ operation- the GET_ENTITY method.

Call to get the result from the search help,

Till now we observe that the codes are autogenerated for the query and read operation of the search help. Now check the service implementation of the Query & Read- it contains the DPC method name to be called.

Just get the SERVICE name and let’s register the service.

Open Tx- /N/IWFND/SERVICE_MAINT & select the add service and search for the service.

Select the service name and then the system pops up the deatils-

So the service is registered successfully.

Open Tx- /N/IWFND/GW_CLIENT and test the service. Select the entity set name

The response details-

We get the result back with the Query Operation.

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