Gateway project referring to Cds entity

The post describes to create a gateway project and creating an entity and entity set by referring to CDS entity.

The CDS view-

The data preview-

Create a gateway project in Tx- SEGW

The GW project details just after creation.

Right Click on Data Model and Navigate along the path to create the data model.

Provide the CDS view name and select Next.

Select Finish.

The entity and the entity set are created out of the CDS view mapping. Double click on the entity set to see the details.

The entity set and the entity type.

Click on the generate button to generate the model and service artifacts.

The system popups to create below DPC and MODEL classes.

The Runtime Artifacts. Lets see the DPC EXT Class.

Double click on the GET_ENTITYSET method. The method is just inherited from the DPC super class. Press COntinue.

The system automatically generates the code during the runtime artifacts generation. See the highlighted method.

See the GET_DPC method.

Here the SADL XML Query with reference to the CDS data source are automatically generated.

Register the service in the Tx- /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE . Select Add Service

Search for the service and then click on the service name.

Select Continue.

All done here. Service is registered.

Test the service in the gateway client – provide the entity set name and execute.

It shows all the record details

Once we have the CDS view ready, then with a gateway project we can create entity set referring to the CDS entity and when the run time artifacts are generated, we are all done. Then the UI application can bind it to the correct entity set and then the data can be displayed on the UI.

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