CI – Clarification Case

light111CI-Clarification Case for the Source CI Billing Document

In below highlighted customizing path: define clarification case categories for your application area.


Clarification case can be create for source document[ CI billing doc] or invoicing documents and etc. In this post we will see the clarification case for the source  doc. So the clarification case category- 01/02 relevant here.


In below cust path- we define the clarification reason and assign it to the clarification case category.


Here the clarification reason 01 and 02 assigned to the clarification case category – 01.


In the cust- Define checks for source document.  Let’s create a check  for the source document category- INVBI. and assign the check sample function module.


The check can be done on the amount and quantity. In this post, let’s provide some amount field values. Here we can provide 3 set of values, but for testing let’s provide only one. If the source document price lies out side of the range, then a clarification case is created.


Now in below cust- psoting area: 2672  we can provide below details.


Let’s look at the below sample function module that is used to check the source document.


If based on some validation or check, it is required to create a clarification case then set the parameter – E_CREARE_CFC_CASE as X. Then the standard call will create a clarification case .


We already have some bits with amount less than 1000. Now do the CI Billing.


Now the sample function module provided in the customizing is called.


here the source doc price= 11.18 USD so no clarification case is created.



Now this time we have some BITs with amount= 5000 USD , process with CI Billing( Tx- FKKBIX_S ). This time it set the flag = X as the amount exceeds the range provided in the check.


Then it shows some error message and if we choose accept document option, then a CI billing document is created with clarification case.


Details of the Billing Log. 


The CI billing doc and on header part a button appears to display the clarification case.


Select the clarification doc to see the details:


Clarification case document for the source CI Billing doc- Details.

The clarification has some status like – New/In-process, Completed. Here it is set a completed.


The list/details of clarification case doc can be found in Tx- FKKINV_CFC



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